Hello everyone! I am home from New Orleans! So I spent a week walking, eating, and being merry (especially on Wednesday night if you follow my Twitter feed).  This was my first time in NOLA and I really loved it.  Ate WAY too much.  But there is so much to see, so many great places to visit.  I had a really fun time and got some relaxing in too.

It was a busy week while I was gone with two giveaways (thanks again to Edmond and Cat!). We also kicked off the gigantic Hop Against Homophobia.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out my post, I am compiling a list of great coming out stories and giving away a choice of books by Katey Hawthorne. Plus there are over 200 other blogs participating so you should be sure to check it out.  The hop ends Sunday night so get right on that!

So lots of goodies again this week.  Here is what I have in store…


  • Review: Diva and Frat Boy by Daisy Harris (Jay)
  • Review: Burning Bright by Megan Derr (Melanie)
  • Review: Bennie’s Wish by Xara X. Xanakas (Jay)


  • Review: Cruce de Caminos by Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane (Jay)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: How Relevant is Sexual Orientation in Sex Work by Violetta Vane
  • Review: Sebastian’s Wolves by Valentina Heart (Melanie)


  • Review: Coming Home by M.J. O’Shea (Jay)
  • Guest Post: Coming Home by M.J. O’Shea
  • Review: Hope by William Neale (Melanie)


  • Review: Opening Worlds by Cari Z (Jay)
  • Author Interview: Cari Z
  • Review: Mind Magic by Poppy Dennison (Jay)


  • Review: Trust by Sean Michael (Sammy)
  • Review: I’m Not Sexy and I Know It by Vic Winter (Melanie)
  • Review: Time Gone By by Jan Suzukawa (Melanie)
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