Guest Review by Sammy
Title: Trust
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Torquere Press
Length: Novella
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Rating: 4 stars

Kerry is a broken and desperate sub. He has been thrown away after a 10-year relationship with a Dom who left him for, of all things, a woman…a woman pregnant with the Dom’s child. Kerry has been sent packing with nothing more than a suitcase and an ancient, wheezing car. For all those years, he had lived to serve his Master and his Master had provided everything he desired, except the one thing Kerry needed most—a trusting and safe relationship.

Trust by Sean Michael is a novella that is all about second chances and learning that one can find happiness even after devastating betrayal.

When Kerry manages to make it back to Hammer, the club that caters to Dom/Sub relationships, he is destitute. In fact, he is sleeping on a park bench, freezing cold and has not had a meal of any real substance in quite some time. Followers of the Hammer series will recognize many familiar faces in this story. Frank, the man who finds Kerry, is one of them. Frank takes Kerry back to the club and we find out that both Kerry and his former Dom were some of the original members and staff of Hammer. Kerry is immediately given back his old job as wait staff and once again the members of Hammer embrace one of their own.

Waiting tables one night, Kerry meets Bellamy, a quiet and gentle man. So gentle, in fact, that Kerry mistakenly thinks Bel is a sub like him. Not so. In fact, Bel is every bit a Dom and a determined one at that. He sets his sights on Kerry and for the rest of this novella we get to watch the sweet dance between these two men.

When Sean Michael writes a story like Trust, you remember just why you are drawn again and again to the author’s work. While the BDSM elements play a fairly minor role in this installment of the Hammer series, the incredible way that Michael defines and draws the characters takes center stage.

What a lovely story this is! We are part of the healing process that Kerry undergoes in order to relearn what it is to trust a master again, to love fully again, to submit and serve, which brings him such contentment and joy. Bellamy encapsulates what every good Dom should be—wise, caring, nurturing and so very sure that he is exactly what Kerry needs and that he is the only master Kerry will ever have again.

Trust…a love story…a story of rebirth…of new life…of second chances.