Hi guys! Today I am very excited to welcome author Daisy Harris to Joyfully Jay.  Daisy is here to tell us more about her newest book in the Holsum College series, Townie and the Twink.  She has also brought a copy to give away to one lucky reader, so please join me in giving her a bit welcome!  

Hi Jay! Thanks for having me on the blog today, and for letting me tell your readers a little about my upcoming release, Townie and the Twink. (Men of Holsum College 3)

Townie, as I like to call it, releases Monday, June 11th at Bookstrand.com, and is the story of sweet and perceptive college student named Gabe, and the local transfer student he befriends, and then seduces.

Nick, my townie, is straight. Or so he thinks. But Gabe sees through his denial immediately, and sets out to figure out why Nick is so determined not to admit his same-sex attraction.

I gotta say, I adore turning straight guys. Well—not “straight,” per se. But guys who are curious, questioning, inexplicably attracted to men even thought they know they shouldn’t be? Those are the best.

It’s so fun to take a character, step by step, through the process of realization. It’s all the more fun to do it with college-aged characters, because people that age really don’t know themselves yet. They’re still living each day like a new adventure. I get to explore their denial and resistance. I even get to have them randomly hook up with a gay guy, even if they don’t think they’re gay.

Why? Because kids in college do all kinds of crazy things. They tend to act first and think later, and that makes them lovely subjects for erotic romance.

Here’s a snippet of a scene between Nick and Gabe that illustrates just how delightfully deluded kids let themselves get.

* * * * *

“Gay men aren’t like girls, Nick.” Gabe sat on his bed and reached over to turn on the fan on the nightstand. “We can have sex, and it doesn’t have to mean anything.” He made an exasperated face. “And if you must know, I wasn’t planning to fuck Brooks Price.” He shivered, as if the idea was as repulsive to Gabe as it was to Nick.

“See, I don’t get that.” Nick unzipped his sweatshirt and balled it up before sitting in the chair by Gabe’s desk. He didn’t want to sound like a judgmental prick, but he still had to say, “Messing around with someone you don’t even like seems…” He knew thinking it made him somehow unmasculine. But around Gabe, Nick thought he could be honest. “Well, it seems…wrong.” His voice got softer. “Seems like it would take something away from you.”

Gabe bounded off the bed and stepped up to Nick’s chair so that their knees were almost touching. “And what about you? Have you only hooked up with people you were in love with?” His beer was still in his hand, and he took another mutinous drink.

Nick recoiled, surprised by Gabe’s sudden anger. He leaned back in his chair. “No, not necessarily. But I at least liked the girls I’ve slept with.”

“And did you sleep with Mandy?”

“No.” Nick answered before he could think about why Gabe had asked. “No. I wasn’t planning on it, and I didn’t. Does that make you happy?” He didn’t know what the fuck he was defending to Gabe. “What are you so pissed off about? I didn’t do anything to you.”

The look in Gabe’s eyes was wild and angry. “Well, you stopped me from getting my rocks off.” He downed the rest of his beer and then fell onto his bed. Gabe reached over his head to set the can on the floor, and in the process, his tank top rode up, exposing his hard lower belly.

“I could make it up to you.” Nick was mostly just joking. Well, mostly. Truth was, Nick could stand a little sexual outlet himself, and now that he thought about it, he liked Gabe a lot better than he did Mandy. Not in a gay way—but as a person.

Of course, he didn’t actively dislike Mandy the way he knew Gabe disliked Brooks. But Nick enjoyed Gabe’s company. Gabe was like his best friend on campus. Nick could see them hanging out more. Jerking off together, or…whatever. It didn’t seem wrong so long as it was with someone he liked.

Gabe lifted his head off the bed, catching Nick’s gaze. “Really?” He seemed a little tipsy but no more than Mandy had been. Gabe rolled onto his side and shrugged his shirt up over his head. When his torso was bared, he cocked an eyebrow. “So, straight boy. What are you going to do to make it up to me?”

* * * * *

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* * * * *

Insightful to a fault, Gabe knows Nick’s gay even if Nick doesn’t. And after seeing how the townie looks at his “buddy”, Gabe knows Nick is in love with a guy who’ll never love him back. So Gabe invites Nick to campus parties and to hang out with new people. But soon their friendship turns physical and Gabe wonders if he’s in just as much denial as Nick is.

Nick’s straight—or so he’s always assumed. But he can’t deny that the things he’s doing with Gabe are hot. More than that, he likes Gabe in a way he’s never liked anyone else. Well, anyone else except his high school friend, John.

The hardest thing to give up is a fantasy, and the hardest thing to face is the truth. But if Nick wants the man standing in front of him, he’ll have to give up the one he never had.

* * * * *


Retired party girl and science fiction enthusiast, Daisy Harris spends most of her time writing sexy romance and plotting the fall of Western civilization. Her books can be found on Amazon, Nook, and wherever else fine erotic romance is sold.

Ms. Harris lives in Seattle, where she tortures her husband by making it rain. She enjoys watching bridges cause traffic, watching football games cause traffic, and blithely wearing wool socks with sandals.

She has two little girls who’ve challenged Ms. Harris’ feminist tendencies by insisting that pink clothes and high heels are appropriate for every occasion, including rock climbing and camping trips.

Daisy writes M/M romance about gods, zombies, and college boys.

Website: www.thedaisyharris.com
Holsum College Tumblr: http://holsumcollege.tumblr.com/
On Twitter as @thedaisyharris

Daisy has generously brought an ARC of Townie and the Twink to give away to one lucky reader, so be sure to leave a comment to enter. The contest will close on Wednesday, June 13 at 11:59 pm EST.

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