Hi guys! I usually combine my newsy stuff with my Coming This Week post, but there’s a lot to talk about this week so I’m doing a separate post for all the assorted bloggy goodness!

First off, I wanted to update you all on the redesign.  For the past couple of weeks I have been working with Lori over at Imagination Designs.  She is amazing beyond words and has created a gorgeous design and some awesome graphics for me.  I am really excited about it and can’t wait to show you all.  Not everything is finalized yet, but here is a sneak peek at some of the post graphics…

The site itself has more red in it and isn’t quite as sweet/cute as these, but this should give you a bit of a feel for the colors and the general look.

My plan is to launch the redesign along with the switch to WordPress on Saturday, June 9th.  At some point over that Saturday/Sunday you should see the change over to the new design depending on how fast the redirect of the site picks up.  Ideally all the feeds and other stuff should transfer seamlessly (fingers crossed), but if you don’t get your normal Twitter posts or feed updates by next Sunday or Monday, let me know.  And remember, if you are only following the blog through Google Friend Connect, you should add my RSS feed or follow on Twitter because the new site won’t have that feature (if you need help with this just let me know).  The site URL will remain the same: www.joyfullyjay.com.

Call for Reviewers!
We continue to be blessed with lots of interest in the blog and lots of opportunities to review great books.  Right now I am working frantically to take on as many reviews as possible, along with the help of the fabulous Sammy and Melanie.  But I think we have reached the point where it would be great to have additional reviewers.  So before I put out a general call, I thought I’d start with you guys, my awesome readers.

So, do you love to talk about the books you read?  Can’t keep your opinions to yourself and are constantly boring friends/significant others with details of the books you read (alas, my poor husband)?  Want a chance to read books just as they come out from lots of great authors and publishers? If so, reviewing might be for you!

Ideally I’d like reviewers who can do at least a post a week, but I am definitely open to more or less frequently depending interest and availability.  Even occasional guest posts are great if you can’t handle anything more.  If you would like to hear more about it, please get in touch and I can give you a lot more details.  Don’t be shy!  It is lots of fun and a great way to find out about all kinds of awesome books!

Survey Results
I have results from the reader survey I did last month.  I pulled them together in a separate post that will be going out later today.  Thanks again to everyone who took the time to respond! You guys are awesome!

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