Rating: 4.25
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Length: Short Story

Switch is the third of a trio of short stories featuring Miles Winters and Zeke Roswell that follow up London’s novel True Colors.  It picks up a bit after Ambush and Payback (which I reviewed here) on the night of Zeke’s bondage-themed gallery show introduced in the first two shorts.  Miles has just returned from a week-long trip and the guys have really missed one another.  After seeing the show and grabbing dinner, Miles is headed back to his office to catch up on work and Zeke plans to return to the gallery. But on the way, Miles has a renewed realization about how much he loves and cares for Zeke.  And he decides that what he really wants to be doing that night isn’t work.  What he really wants is to have Zeke top him for the first time.

As with the other short stories, Switch gives us a brief scene that includes not only sex, but a real sense of the guys and where things are in their relationship.  It is clear with this story that the men are truly in love with one another and finally able to share those feelings with each other.  I will say that although I normally enjoy the description of Zeke’s artwork and gallery shows, I think there was perhaps too much focus here.  Zeke asks Miles to tell him about the show to distract and relax him as they are having sex.  But as a result, I felt a little distracted too and wish we had some more focus on how the men were feeling during this major step in their relationship.  I wanted to be more inside their heads here and not so focused on the details of the exhibit.

Overall I thought these short stories were a nice addition to the longer book.  I enjoyed True Colors and thought it was fun seeing the guys again and how things have developed between them.  The shorts are definitely related to one another, although Switch stands alone the best of three. However, I think they are much richer if you have read True Colors first and have more on an understanding of where the guys started and how far they have come.  If you enjoyed the novel, these shorts are a really nice treat.