Ambush and Payback are short stories featuring wealthy executive Miles Winters and his artist boyfriend Zeke Roswell, characters from London’s novel True Colors.  The stories pick up after the men have been together a while and some time has passed since True Colors ended.

Rating: 4.5
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In Ambush, artist Zeke is preparing for his next show.  Bondage is the theme, and he has come to Miles’ office to show him some of this ideas.  Zeke surprises Miles by initiating some mild kink, something that at first throws off the more reserved Miles.  But as he sees Zeke’s enthusiasm and recognizes his own interest, Miles lets go and enjoys the experience, letting Zeke take the control.  It is a super hot scene, and one that definitely reinforces the love between them and the growth in their relationship.

Rating: 4.25
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In Payback, Miles has decided to take some control back from Zeke after the events of the other night.  Zeke has a tendency to “top from the bottom” and Miles wants Zeke to show that he too can give up control.  Miles also shows that he isn’t totally averse to being a bottom on occasion, surprising Zeke and setting up the events of the third short story, Switch (which I will be reviewing as well).  Again, this is a short scene of hot sex between the men, but also gives us a really nice sense of their relationship and close bond.

I think London does a great job conveying enough of the plot of the longer novel that readers can jump into these stories and understand the relationship between Miles and Zeke. But personally I really enjoyed True Colors and think it is definitely worth reading.  These stories make a really nice cap to the longer book and give us a feel for the direction their relationship takes after the longer book ends.

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