Hello everyone!  As you read this, I am on my way to Scotland for 11 days with my amazing husband.  We are celebrating our 15-year anniversary and our 40th birthdays with a getaway while our kids are at overnight camp.  So we put my youngest on the camp bus and headed to the airport a few hours later! I still can’t believe it.  We have never been to Europe and definitely never gone away for this long. So I am crazy excited!

While I am gone we still have quite a full schedule.  In addition to all the reviews, guest posts, and giveaways, we will also be having our Spectacular Series Week next week (more details on that to come later today).  And of course, I can’t go to Scotland without sharing some of the love with my wonderful readers.  So I have a Kilt of the Day picture for you every day while I am gone!  Trust me, even if you don’t have an appreciation for kilts now, you will by the time this is all over!

This week we have lots of fun stuff. I am especially excited to share Sammy’s hysterical guest post about her first time in a gay bar.  And on Friday, J.P. Barnaby will be making a blog stop for her Little Boy Lost tour with an interview with Mike and Alex, two of my favorite characters from  the series.  Also this week I am sharing a bit about my experiences moving from Blogger to WordPress and some feedback for folks considering the move.  Plus reviews, giveaways, and other fun stuff.   So here’s what we’ve got…

  • Guest Post: Aleksandr Voinov (Incursion blog tour)
  • Guest Post:  The Night my Best Friend Dragged Me to a Gay Bar OR For god’s sake Sam, That’s confetti not a used condom! by Sammy

  • Review: Doubtless by Cat Grant (Jay)
  • Post: Moving From Blogger to Word Press, Part I (Jay)

  • Review: Almost Paradise by Caitlin Ricci (Melanie)
  • Post: Moving From Blogger to Word Press, Part II (Jay)

  • Review: Torquere Shorts  (Melanie)
  • Review: Less Than All by Lee Brazil (Sammy)

  • Guest Post and Giveaway: J.P. Barnaby (Little Boy Lost blog tour) – An Interview with Mike and Alex
  • Review: Stolen Dreams by Sue Brown (Melanie)

So that is it for this week. Please bear with me while I am away as my Internet connection will be limited to wherever I have wifi and probably only at night.  So I will do my best to respond to messages but it may take a while.   So be good while I am gone (and maybe I’ll bring you back something sexy in a kilt!)

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