Today I am very excited to welcome Tal Valante who is here to share more about her new release, All My Crimes.  Tal has brought a special guest with her to interview, as well as a great giveaway.  Welcome Tal!

Welcome, and thanks for joining me here! We have an interview with a special guest today, King Gidden Loristan. But first, a little contest to spice things up! Email me the answer to the question below, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Question: What is the necromancer’s name? Email your answer to by July 9th for your chance to win. The more questions you answer, the greater your chances, so be sure to visit all stops of this tour. Good luck!

And now for the interview . . .

Thanks for joining us, Your Highness.

Please, Gidden will do.

Thank you, Gidden. It’s not every day we get to interview a king. Can you tell us a little about your reign?

I inherited the throne from my father at a young age. He was killed in the war, leading an offensive strike against the elven forest itself. A cursed place, though not, I suppose, from an elven point of view.

I also inherited the war from him, as he did from his own father, and so on for generations. The war left me little time to focus on the various aspects of ruling. It was always defends this, garrison that, fortify this, supply that. For the better part of my life I’ve been first and foremost a commander on the battlefield. I admit it has taken a toll, especially the last battle.

Do you remember how the war started?

No, I doubt any of my people still do. The reasons given in the history books are twisted by age and agenda. I suspect our two people are simply too different to live in peace, side by side. I’m sorry for that. But not sorry enough to surrender the lives of my own people.

How have you met Teregryn Eve?

Teregryn is a powerful warlock, the son of a powerful warlock. He distinguished himself on the battlefield, which brought him to my attention. I solicited his friendship. When he repaid me by saving my life, the bond between us was sealed.

Describe Teregryn in three words.

Loyal, powerful, aching.

It’s rumored that you’ve abandoned Teregryn these last couple of years. Can you comment on that?

I’m afraid not. Teregryn is an intensely private person. It would do him a grave injustice for me to explain this matter. Know only that I love him still.

People say you were more than friends.

We were, I make no secret of this. I’ve taken Teregryn into my bed and into my heart.

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, Gidden, but you’re a married man.

And so? The queen thoroughly approves of Teregryn. Everything I did was done with her acknowledgement, permission, and participation. An agreement between the three of us, you may say.

That sounds very intriguing. How did this start?

Forgive me for not answering you in full, for fear on infringing on Teregryn’s privacy again. Suffice to say he was in great need, and both the queen and I loved him dearly. Not all wars are fought on the battlefield, and not all our enemies are elves. That’s all I can say.

Thank you, Gidden!

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to participate in the contest for your chance to win a $50 gift card.

Author’s Bio

Tal’s passion in life is building worlds, whether digital ones using programming languages, or literary ones using plain ol’ English. When she’s not buried neck-deep in code, you can find her editing manuscripts, designing fantasy worlds, or torturing characters in her own original works.

Book Blurb

Betrayal cuts deep. Love cuts even deeper.

The war with the elves is over. But for Teregryn Eve, the human king’s former right-hand man, another nightmare is about to begin.

It’s taken Teregryn two years to recover his health and magic in the aftermath of the war. He’d rather retire from the world of men, but an assassination threat and a malevolent ghost force him on a quest to save the king who no longer wants him. The elves are dead to the last, so who’s the mysterious assassin? And why has his king—who was once so much more to him—forsaken him?

The answers may lie in Teregryn’s mind, but those memories are locked beyond his reach. As a web of lies and love unfolds around him, Teregryn must fight the past and present in a desperate bid for the future. Can he save everything he loves, or will the sum of his crimes drag him under first?

Read an excerpt or purchase All My Crimes here.

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Thanks again to Tal and King Gidden!  And don’t forget, Tal is offering a great giveaway so be sure to check out the details at the top of the post.

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