Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Alike as Two Bees takes us into the world of Greece in ancient times and immerses us in the world of a sculptor, Philon, who has deliberately placed himself in a minor role and strives simply to work well, and remain unseen. He is effective at his attempt until one day, while taking a younger boy swimming, a nobleman, Nikias, notices Philon. Nikias, too, has had his share of disappointments and bears the scars to prove it. But Philon, with his beautiful handiwork and his proud and courageous soul, captivates him.

In ancient Greece, one holds their virginity in high honor and it is well known that men often only trifle with those beneath them, lust being key, love being absent. Not so for Nikias—he loves and respects his sculptor. But events plague them and keep them apart and Philon fears he has given the best of himself only to be used and tossed aside.

Into the fray comes another spoilt, violent nobleman who desires to see Philon and his young friend crawl before him. He nearly succeeds in making the sculptor do just that when they are sent to pick up a shipment of new stone from the dock. But again the gallant Nikias intervenes and our sculptor is saved. But, will this be the turning point—will there be love for Philon yet?

This novella boasted a good solid story, Unfortunately it need just a bit more than that. The characterization fell a little flat, the romance between Philon and Nikias was so restrained that it didn’t seem to spark. It didn’t grip me and for that I was truly sorry for I do believe there was the makings of a really good story here.

I understood that we were in Ancient Greece.  However this time period in history was rife with m/m sex and relationships and I would have thought given this history, the story would have been less confined and more romance driven.

Elin Gregory has the makings of a really fine author. This story simply needed more, more plot, more in-depth characterization, more romance, more story over all. I would certainly give this author another chance.  I look forward to seeing future work.