Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Abraham Sawyer is the lawman on his tiny island. He settled there after being forced to leave his old life and now leads a relatively quiet existence keeping the peace in the small community. One day the town finds themselves set upon by armed pirates, a frequent threat. The captain insists on leaving a pregnant woman in town for a short time, along with some men to care for her. And to ensure their safety, in exchange he wants to take Abraham with him back to the ship.

Abraham reluctantly agrees to go with the pirates, willing to risk his own safety to ensure the well-being of the town and avoid further threats. Abraham finds the captain attractive, but he has shut off that part of himself since he was a young man. So he is shocked once on board to find that the captain is none other than his childhood love, Redding, who was beaten and sent away by Abraham’s family after their relationship was discovered. Abraham can hardly believe it when faced with his lost love, and even more shocked to find that Redding has been searching for him for years, determined to be reunited. Yet danger still lurks in the form of Abraham’s father who continues to do battle with the pirates. And the men must hope that now that they have found one another, they can be together for good.

I was intrigued when I saw this book, as I like pirate adventures and haven’t read many in the m/m genre. I found this story enjoyable, and liked the lovers reunited element, as well as Abraham’s sweet nature. He has a nice sense of wonder about him and a gentleness a bit unexpected for a man of his size and position. And I enjoyed seeing love bloom once again for him and watching him discover the joys of sex after nothing but some adolescent fooling around and his own hand for years. I also liked Redding. He is a bit naughty and a bit wild, but fierce in his love for and dedication to Abraham. He stopped at nothing to find Abraham, and now will do anything to keep him.

So I found the story enjoyable, although I wished for a bit more plot development. The men are reunited very early on in the story and most of the rest of the book involved them having sex and reaffirming their love for one another, with a bit of a sea battle thrown in. I would have liked to see some more happen in the book, as it is a nice length for a short story and I think more could have been developed. And while I enjoyed the romance and the love between the two men, I did find the prose leaned quite purple at times and a bit over the top.

But overall I liked this story and found it a sweet little adventure with likable characters and a bit of an interesting twist on the typical pirate tale.

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