I don’t usually get too political here on the blog, but I came across a fabulous article about this Chik-fil-a issue today on my Twitter feed and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you guys.  Yes, I know I am preaching to the choir here in terms of my blog audience, but this post really helped me crystalize a lot of the thoughts I have on the subject and couldn’t quite figure out how to explain.  Hopefully if enough of us pass this along and share it with our assorted friends and followers, it will make a different on this important issue.

I must say that I have been following this story for a while now and seeing all these folks lining up yesterday to show their support for Chik-fil-a just made me sick.  These are folks who not only aren’t supporting the ban, and who are not just sitting on the sidelines either, but who are ACTIVELY GOING OUT OF THEIR WAY to show their hate and intolerance.  And the sad reality is that most of them probably don’t really understand what they are even arguing about.

The most common things I hear are that this is about free speech and marriage rights, and as this article clearly explains it is not really about either.  No one is denying the Cathy’s First Amendment rights or trying to make it illegal for them to donate to hate groups.  No one is recommending putting them in jail for their beliefs.  On the other hand, this restaurant is donating money to hate groups that are actively seeing to deny rights to gay citizens, the same rights others enjoy.  And while I might believe the restaurant owners have a right to donate to whomever they please, I can guarantee you I am not letting them use the profits they earned from my purchase to do it.

The author also makes an important argument that I have often thought to myself.  Why is this kind of thing tolerated against the GBLT community when people would be OUTRAGED if it was against anyone else?  If a store said it was using profits to pay for anti-Asian hate groups, or they were donating money to support allowing Jews to be fired for being Jewish, would people tolerate it?  Substiute any other minority or ethnic group for gays and see how people react.

Ok, I am ending my rant now because I could talk about this all day.  Hopefully if we get the word out in enough channels it will make a difference. Thanks for listening!



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