Hi guys! I am super excited to officially announce our next theme week here at Joyfully Jay will be Young Love Week! Squee!  It will run from October 6-13.   I am a big fan of this trope as my husband and I met and started dating at 16.  So I love stories that feature characters that fall in love young and make it work.

Ok, so just what am I talking about when I say Young Love?  Well, specifically I want to feature stories of romance between guys who are high school and college age (even if they aren’t necessarily in school).  I want the focus to be on those books where the relationship develops as young men and they manage to make things work even when meeting so young.  So more specifically, I’m looking for:

  • Books where both characters are HS/college age, not with an older/younger pairing
  • Books where the main romance happens when the guys are young, versus stories where they meet or even date as young men but the main romance takes place as adults or some period in the future.  But books where they start young and the story develops continuously as they get older are good (Amy Lane’s Locker Room, for example).

We will feature some YA books, but the stories definitely don’t have to be YA.  I am thinking we have a special YA day and probably some focus on virgin heroes (because you know I LOVE my virgin heroes!).

So, why am I telling you all this now if it is still two months away? Because there is a lot of reading to do for these theme weeks and we need to start early.  And as usual, I’d love to get you guys involved.  So right now we are gathering ideas for books to read, guest posts, giveaways, etc.  Here is how you can join in the fun…

  • Recommend books for review – Do you have suggestions for books you’d like us to review for Young Love Week?  Maybe something you are crazy about that you think we should read? Or a book you are curious about that you’d like us to review? I’d love any and all suggestions!
  • Guest posts – Do you have a book you’d like to share in a Book I Love Post? Or are you interested in writing about some other aspect of young love?  Just get in touch and we’ll talk.
  • Recommend books for review – Do you have a book (either already released or upcoming) that you’d like us to consider for review? Just let me know and we’ll talk.
  • Guest posts – Are you interested in writing a guest post about some aspect of young love?  Let me know.
  • Giveaways – Once again we will be having a big theme week giveaway so I am definitely looking for book donations. If you have a book/s to include in the giveaway, please let me know.

So feel free to get in touch either by commenting below or sending me an email. I am really excited about this one and hope you all will be too!

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