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Length: Novella

As a child, Liam O’Donnell was imprisoned by his pack Alpha (and grandfather) after witnessing his parent’s murder. Seeing Liam as an abomination for being born an Omega wolf, Liam’s grandfather locked him away in the attic to spend his days with his only friend, Cale – a submissive wolf and pack slave. Both young men suffered physical abuse under the hands of their Alpha and Alpha mate while they planned their escape from their attic prison. With a few setbacks, Liam and Cale are able to escape their pack, but are also forced to split up because Cale has been severely injured and needs to find help while Liam needs to leave the pack lands as fast as possible before his grandparents find him.

Ten years later, Liam finds himself living mostly in his wolf form tucked away in a den in the woods far from any pack lands. He lives day-to-day with a shaky sense of security – always looking over his shoulder should the need to run arise again. When he is tracked down by an Alpha wolf claiming to have known his parents, Liam is unsure whether he wants to run away or stay and hear what the handsome stranger has to say. All Liam knows is that there is something about Griffon that is drawing Liam in but he’s not sure if he wants to run away from him.

Griffon Connelly discovered Liam was his mate ten years ago and spent every moment searching for Liam and making the Portland pack safe for Liam’s eventual return. Now that he’s found Liam, he knows it will take time to earn the Omega’s trust. Only time doesn’t seem to be on their side. When the past comes looking for Liam, he must decide whether he wants to take a leap of faith and trust Griffon to protect him or if he should continue his solitary life on the run.

Sometimes I need to read a “feel good” book, especially after I’ve finished an “angsty” book. Liam’s Happiness is one of those feel good books. I finished the book with a smile on my face, happy for both of the main characters.

For the most part, I was happy with the characters in the story. First off, Griffon is a good mix of strong Alpha and sensitive mate. He worried for his mate’s safety and sanity after knowing that Liam spent most of his life away from people, but also leads and cares for his pack as well as Liam. Within the pack, he seems to be friends with the men who serve,  but also knows when to be a strong leader. Liam was what I expected in the beginning – shy, distrustful, confused, and a little afraid. He also had a desire to live. When he could have given up and let himself go feral any time in the ten years he was by himself, instead he chose to do everything to keep his sanity intact and hope for a better, happier future for himself. Once Liam was claimed by Griffon, there was almost a complete shift in personality as Liam became sarcastic, bossy, and spunky. I enjoyed the more assertive side of him – I like a mate that isn’t a doormat. I just would have preferred a little more transition from one extreme to the next.

I also enjoyed the rest of the pack. The author did a great job introducing characters that we are sure to see in later sequels in The Portland Pack series. The stronger shifters did everything they could to make Liam feel comfortable and protected. The author also made a point to show that the stronger wolves took care of and protected the weaker submissive wolves. The submissive wolves were fun to read. They seemed like trouble in the making. I can see where these smaller, weaker wolves may keep the others on their toes throughout the series.

As with a lot of shifter/mate stories, there was an instant attraction between Liam and Griffon. My only problem was the instant love. For someone who was so wary to trust, it didn’t take Liam very long to fall in love. But I guess that could also be attributed to the complete personality shift as well.

The storyline kept me interested throughout the book. And the only thing I questioned was the Omega issue. There wasn’t really an explanation as to what it meant to be an Omega. Throughout the story I picked up a few things. An Omega has special powers to keep wolves under control, but that was pretty much all I got out of it. I would have liked to know about the powers specifically. I also would have liked to know why it was that Liam was seen as an abomination by his grandparents for being an Omega wolf.

I enjoyed the feeling of this book. Like I said, sometimes I just need a “feel good” book and this was certainly one for me. I look forward to reading more of The Portland Pack series in the future.

Cover: The cover is by Reese Dante and gave the perfect depiction of Griffon. I love the eyes. And, of course, the white wolf represents Liam’s Omega wolf in the setting that makes me think of a forest in or around the Portland area. This beautiful cover was definitely one of the points that drew me to this book.

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