Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

When Andreas was eighteen years old, he kissed Christian. Andreas was drunk at the time and Christian left the next day, so neither spoke of it again. Six years later, Andreas was sure that he had gotten over his infatuation with Christian until he chose to attend university in Svalbard. While waiting to move into his dorm, Andreas has no choice but to stay with Christian and seeing Christian again brings back feelings he was sure he had gotten over a long time ago.

Christian was attracted to Andreas years ago, but wrote the random kiss off as a drunken mistake made by Andreas and hadn’t thought about that night in years. When he picked Andreas up from the airport, he knew it would be hard to stay away from the younger man. The eight-year age difference is not a problem for Christian. The biggest problem he faces is that Andreas is Christian’s sister’s stepson. At first, Christian fights his attraction to Andreas. But keeping his distance from Andreas proves to be too much for him.  Together, Andreas and Christian have to figure out how to have a relationship and keep from losing their family.

Polar Nights is a story about two men who fight their attraction to each other only to eventually give in. Their relationship faces a few struggles, but when Andreas and Christian stick together they are able to overcome them.

The title refers to a period of complete darkness in the arctic region that lasts around four months. The sun sets sometime in October and does not rise again until February or March. Most of this story happens during the polar nights in Svalbard, Norway. The author did a great job describing the setting of the story. I found it interesting to a point that I keep thinking I need to visit during polar nights so I can see the Northern Lights.

Some of the wording confused me a little, but I assume that had more to do with the Norwegian-English difference in translation. I looked for reference that this book was maybe the beginning of a series, but found none. I can only hope there will be another story, at least for the two minor characters, because part of a storyline is given for them within this book.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Polar Nights. It is a sweet story about finding love in unexpected situations, amidst meddling friends and nosy family members, and the problems that try to stand in the way of that relationship.