Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Priceless begins with Cupid entering The Palms casino in Las Vegas and watching the lonely humans each desperate for love, when he spots an inspiration he is willing to use his arrows for.

Garrett is a man who he knows very well that he can and will pay just about any price for what he wants. Very rarely do people say “no” to him, and if they do, he always finds a way to turn that “no” into a “yes.” He gambles big, figuratively and literally, and always wins. When the story begins, Garrett is bored and uninterested in the game of craps he’s playing, to the point of playing a losing streak. With the next roll of the dice, and a win, he glances around the crowd and spots a new, innocent face — his lucky charm.

Randy may be innocent but he is far from naïve. He is headstrong and independent. Randy has his own money but chooses to find a bargain instead of spending it on a whim. He’d rather do his research and get a good deal than blow his hard earned money. When the handsome stranger on the other side of the table calls Randy over, the last thing he expects is to stand by the man’s side as his lucky charm through an outrageous winning streak. As they leave the craps table, Garrett gives Randy a thousand-dollar chip for services rendered as his lucky charm. Randy doesn’t want the money but can’t figure a way to give it back without offending Garrett.

Garrett is used to throwing his money around to get what he wants and finds it both confusing and refreshing that Randy doesn’t want him for his wealth. What starts as an invitation to dinner turns into a night filled with passion that Garrett and Randy won’t soon forget. Randy is everything that Garrett wants, but didn’t know he wanted. Garrett is arrogant, but also sweet and caring and Randy finds himself hopelessly attracted to him. They spend the next day together, a surprise from Garrett, on a private helicopter tour, a private concert, dinner at a fancy café, and a visit to Ghostbar. That night, while making love, both Garrett and Randy have a revelation that they arfalling in love, but choose not to say anything to one another. Randy is sure it is too soon to fall in love with a man he’s only known two days.

When Randy wakes up alone the next morning, he finds a note from Garrett explaining that he is in the casino, will be back shortly, and that they need to talk. Randy is sure that the “talk” will be Garrett’s way of letting Randy down easy. Randy would rather leave Garrett before Garrett discovers that Randy loves him and has the chance to kick Randy out. Then Randy realizes he only has thirty minutes to check out of the hotel and catch his shuttle to the airport. Without leaving Garrett any contact information, or even his last name, Randy leaves the hotel.

Garrett returns to the hotel expecting to find his lover in bed. Instead, he finds an empty room and the thousand-dollar chip lying on the nightstand by Randy’s side of the bed. Using every resource available to him, Garrett sets out to find Randy and win his heart.

I found Church’s Priceless to be a sweet tale of opposites attract. I liked that Randy was determined to make Garrett realize that he was interested in Garrett and not his money. Randy was a strong character with beliefs that he stuck to and couldn’t be talked out of. I enjoyed Garrett’s character, as well. He was arrogant, but arrogant characters can be fun too. He didn’t really change throughout the book, but he seemed to discover new things about himself. For example, he learned that where he would usually kick someone out for arguing with him, he liked when Randy stood up to him. And when he realized he was falling in love, he didn’t run away from it, he started making plans to act on it. I like the “go-getter” in him, but I also like to see the softer, caring side he showed with Randy. Cupid plays a minor role in the story and I found it fun that he showed up at different times throughout the story to keep an eye on Randy and Garrett.

I’m not a huge fan of instant love, but I can see the use for it in a story that actually involves Cupid – since Cupid is actually supposed to spread love, or so they say. I was with Randy though, two days seemed much too fast to actually fall in love.

And some of the events seemed a little forced. While I enjoyed the private helicopter tour and the events at the Ghostbar, the private showing of the Blue Man Group and meeting all his favorite celebrities at dinner seemed a little fantastical. It had a too-good-to-be-true feeling.

All in all I thought it was a sweet Valentine’s story. I won’t give anything away, but the Valentine’s Day events are almost syrupy sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was adorable but it may have left me with a cavity.

Cover: The wonderful cover by Catt Ford shows the fabulous setting of Las Vegas and beautiful depictions of both Garrett (with the goatee) and Randy.

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