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Where to begin…

“He had finally decided that is was time to start living his life by seizing every day…”

Rex was busy… busy living his life for the memory of his departed father… busy living his life for the boy who was his nephew (and by adoption, now his son)… busy forgetting a broken relationship that left him alone and lonely.  So busy running that he barely understood what happened the night that Josh left his cell phone behind at Rex’s bar and came by to retrieve it and they, somehow, miraculously, began… to dance.

Their dance would lead them through a rapidly developing love for each other, for the little boy, Tyler, left in Rex’s care after the death of his mother and sister, and subsequently, his father, and then to the near disastrous threat of losing each other and little Tyler.  They would lead this amazingly lovely pas de deux with no thought as to the dangers inherent in living in a backwoods little town that harbored in its midst a preacher’s wife whose bitter and hard heart would nearly end up being the cause of breaking their own.

And all the while, we, the reader, would watch as these two lonely men who had each, in their own way, been left behind by a former love, find each other and develop a love that would reach beyond the pain and the longing and allow them to find their home… their safe harbor in each other.

We Danced by Jeff Erno is an impossibly gorgeous love story.  In it’s down home feel and its simplicity, it weaves such a loving tale that you are near breathless at it’s conclusion.  Drawn into the lives of Rex and Josh, you find yourself wishing you lived right next door to them.  You find yourself dealing with the anger that a bigoted preacher’s wife and a lax and lacking grandmother provoke within you during their heartless, grasping attempt to tear this little family apart.

You watch as friends rally around these two men and support them through trials that make your skin crawl and have you shaking your head at a social welfare system that is so corrupt and slipshod you want to cry out for reform.  And your heart breaks as you watch a little boy’s tears of fear and sadness when he is forced to leave the one constant in his life, his one comfort, his father.

I could say many things about this novel.  I could speak of the richly drawn characters, the simple yet effective plot line and its gut-wrenching twist, the impact of a new love, and the hot heat of sexual tension that spills off the page and leaves you gasping.  I could tell you that I’ve never enjoyed a story as much as I did this one and I would be simply telling you the unequivocal truth.

We Danced is a story about redemption, fresh beginnings, and love in its purest form.

I knew a couple… they met, fell in love, and married in six weeks—just in time for him to be shipped overseas.  When he returned, they made their home and lived their lives with the other person always at the center of their universe.  Insta-love it is called. Six weeks — married over 54 years as of last July.

Jeff Erno is no dreamer. He is a realist, a hope-filled writer who believes in the power of love that sometimes, in an amazingly rare moment, happens at first sight.

We Danced is his homage to a love just like that — immediate, pure, fierce, lasting a lifetime. It is a 5 star read and I highly recommend it to you.

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