Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely week! We have had gorgeous weather this week – sunny, breezy, and mild.  In the DC area we get that for about a week in the fall and the week in the spring and then it is either muggy hot or freezing cold.  So I am enjoying it while we have it!

This week is also the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah).  It is traditional to eat apples and honey for a “sweet new year.” Which also means lots of apple desserts! I am baking four huge challahs for the festivities.

Last thing – don’t forget there is still time to enter to win a copy of Body Magic by Poppy Dennison.  The contest closes tonight so be sure to stop by to enter.

So here is what we have in store for you this week…

  • Guest Post: Bound by Ink” and Written in Flesh by K. Vale
  • Review: Afflicted by Brandon Shire (Jay)
  • Review: His Heart’s Obsession by Alex Beecroft (Crissy)

  • Guest Post: Hot Pressure Blog Tour by Josephine Myles and J.L. Merrow
  • Review: Hot Floor by Josephine Myles (Jay)
  • Review: A Guitarist in the Fae Queen’s Court by Amber Kell (Sammy)

  • Review: Pressure Head by J.L. Merrow (Jay)
  • Review: Nate’s Deputy by Lavinia Lewis (Melanie)
  • Review: An Elf for All Centuries by S.A. Garcia (Crissy)

  • Review: Fields of Gold by Dev Bentham (Jay)
  • Review: Gregory’s Rebellion by Lavinia Lewis (Melanie)
  • Review: Redemption by Fire by Andrew Grey (Crissy)

  • Review: The Melody Thief by Shira Anthony (Melanie)
  • Review: Strengthened by Fire by Andrew Grey (Crissy)

And that should do it for this week.  Hope you all have a great one!

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