Ok guys, a miracle appears to have happened! My blog feed has returned from wherever it mysteriously went to die!  It is a ZOMBIE BLOG FEED you guys! Seriously, I was literally steps away from having to burn the blog down and rebuild.  Hurrah! (P.S. if you missed it, here are the deets)

So what now?  First off, those of you who subscribe to an RSS feed or feed reader should now see all the posts dating from Monday, September 17th through now.  Hopefully all of you who subscribe by email will get them soon too (my email hasn’t come through yet but I am hopeful). And once again tweets should be going out announcing posts.  Yeah!  If for some reason you are not getting your notifications, or something looks hinky, please tell me and I’ll check it out. But for now I am crossing my fingers and doing a tentative happy dance. (BTW, if you ever go more than a day without seeing a new post, check the blog because that would be unusual.)

Second, I want to give a HUGE thanks to all those of you who helped me work through this over the past week. It has been hellish in the extreme and I am lucky my husband didn’t leave me after my 100th freak out.  Special thanks to Brandon Shire who went above and beyond to try to find me help to solve the problem.  You are awesome.  And a super special thank you to Ryan Gatto at Cat on the Couch.  I contacted them for some professional help when things were really looking bleak. Not only did Ryan get back to me immediately, but he spent a ton of time helping me try to resolve the problem, then didn’t want any payment because he couldn’t fix it.  Not to mention following up with me today to check in and basically being all around awesome.  You guys, he is a rock star and I encourage you to check out his site if you ever need any web services.

Last thing… What did you miss?  Well, it should hopefully all be in your feed, but to make it easy, here are links to the posts that went up while the feed was down.  Don’t forget that the giveaway for Afflicted by Brandon Shire is still going on (and I will extend it by two days to give you guys a chance to stop by if you missed it).

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