Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Peter takes his high energy nephew Kevin to the park, only to have him play accidental cupid when he hits a stranger in the ass with a homemade bow and arrow.  Edward takes the injury with surprisingly good humor, however, spending some time afterward with Peter and Kevin at the park and a nearby cafe.  Kevin helps move things along by first suggesting Peter kiss the injury better and then making sure to not only mention that Uncle Peter likes kissing boys, but to ask Edward whether he does as well.  The men take it from there, going out on a date and having a hot night together, and deciding that there is definitely something really worth pursuing between them.

Dead Shot is a very short story (11 pages on my reader), but there is quite a lot to like here.  Both men are charming with Edward being both smooth and friendly, and Peter a bit adorably bumbling.  The story has a lot of humor and fun in it and doesn’t take things too seriously.  I loved Peter’s observations on their outfits:

Superficially, you could say Edward and I were dressed the same—jeans and a shirt, with a jacket over the top. Except Edward’s jeans managed to scream ‘designer’ without actually doing anything as common as raising their voice, whereas mine were just moaning tiredly ‘do we really have to do the painting again? And isn’t it time you remembered you own a washing machine?’

The tone is just light and fun, but you still get  a sense that these guys really like each other and are discovering something wonderful together.

My only quibble is that I think Peter’s confession about a past indescretion is taken remarkably lightly by Edward.  He seems to absolve Peter of an awful lot of responsbility, especially for a guy he just met.  But overall I found this one a lot of fun. Sweet, light, funny, and a great little nibble when you just have time for something quick.

(Note: This story was previously published in the Torquere Shot Through the Heart Taste Test, now out of print.)

Cover: I like this one.  I mean, it is your basic eye candy cover, but it is working for me