Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Horatio Muir spends his days in a super secret military facility monitoring KLT23 (or Kelty as he’s dubbed him), a genetically engineered super soldier.  Kelty is the 23rd such experiment, and although the others have all failed, this version finally looks to be a sucess. The one problem is that Kelty has been running an unexplained fever that is threatening his health.  The researchers have determined this illness can only be cured by sex (but of course), and they have been bringing in woman after woman in attempt to give him some healing sexy times.  But Kelty rejects one after another until finally they realize that it may not be women who turn his crank.

Horatio has been lusting after Kelty forever, drawn not only to his gorgeous body, but also his brains, his wit, and his sense of humor.  When the brass wonders where they are going to find a gay soldier to have sex with Kelty, Horatio quickly volunteers.  Not only because he is totally hot for Kelty, but also because he fears for Kelty’s life if the fever isn’t brought down.  So Horatio gets his hot loving with Kelty, but he just hopes it is enough to save him.

KLT23 is part of MLR’s Got 10 Minutes? line and is a short and sweet story. It is told in first person from Horatio’s POV and I loved his wit and humor as he describes his inconvenient attraction to Kelty and walks him through his first sexual experience.  And Kelty has such a sweet earnestness as he learns his way around sex. Despite being a big brawny guy, he is also a total softie, loving to kiss and cuddle, and is free with his affection.  It was such a great combination of personalities, making their interaction both sexy and adorable at the same time.

“If you’re feeling really adventurous, we could try fucking.”

He frowned. “Some of the women told me to fuck off when I kicked them out.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I heard them.”

“It didn’t sound like a good thing.”

“Oh, well, there’s two definitions for it, I guess. They didn’t mean something good. What I mean, though, is all about feeling what you just did,” I grinned, “only better.”

His eyes widened. “Better?”

“Yep.” I slid a finger between his cheeks and made him gasp when I pressed against his hole. “Deep in here is a gland that’ll make you feel like screaming every time I touch it.”

“The good screaming? Like at the end there?”

I nodded, smiling at him. God, he was just so cute.

“You just use your finger?” he asked, mimicking my hold on him. I had kind of a bubble butt, so there was a lot for him to hold onto.

“Fingers are great to start with, yeah, but you’ll get to wanting more soon enough. Stretched open and filled up.” I tapped my finger lightly against Kelty’s asshole, making him give a little gasp and twitch at the new sensation.

“More?” I could see him trying to work it out, then he gasped and said, “Oh, you mean like your penis goes in there?”

I chuckled at his expression of disbelief. “Exactly.”

I think Welsh manages to pack a lot into this short story.  I got a great feel for the characters and their personalities, and they felt nicely layered.  Kelty definitely has more to him than meets the eye.  And I liked how we even get to see some development in Horatio as he learns to accept (and then love) bottoming again and even being dominated after many years of strictly topping with smaller men. And we get an amusing twist at the end that adds even more depth to one of the characters.  So overall I really liked this one.  Cute, sexy, clever, and a lot of fun.  If you’ve got 10 minutes, definitely give this one a try.