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Cain Elliott is desperate to find a way to save La Terraza, the beautiful old apartment building first owned by his grandmother and now passed along to him.  Not only is the place home to him and his tenants, but it is a gorgeous building filled with wonderful architectural details.  Yet the constant repairs have cost Cain all his savings and he is running out of money to maintain the place. To make matters worse, he is being constantly hounded to sell the building to a developer who will likely tear it down.  But Cain knows it may be a only a matter of time before he loses the building, and selling it would be better than just having it taken outright.  Yet the idea of selling this building that meant so much to his grandmother and is so important to him as well is just devastating Cain.

One night at a bar, Cain meets Henry Abrams, a hot guy he takes back to his place for what he assumes will be one night of sex and that’s it.  Yet he and Henry totally hit it off, and begin seeing one another.  The chemistry between them is instant and the attraction is undeniable, but there is one major problem.  Henry works for the architecture firm that represents the developer looking to buy La Terraza.  Although Henry loves the old building, his boss is pressuring him to try to convince Cain to sell.

Then men fall hot and heavy into a relationship that seems just wonderful. But with everything moving so fast between them, they both have to work through the doubts and trust issues to make things work together in the long term.

I really enjoyed this story and it is filled with Day’s trademark humor combined with really  likable characters and some super hotness.  First off, this book made me laugh out loud many times. Both Cain and Henry have a nice quippy sense of humor and there is lots of clever banter between them.  Plus, when you throw in Cain’s somewhat crazy family and a host of oddball but lovable tenants, things get quite funny. My favorite scene is when the guys are greeted in the morning by some of La Terraza’s tenants after some way too loud, open window sex.  Here Henry is teased by two of Cain’s tenants, older gentlemen Tony and Vito:

“Still, you continue to make our Cain there as happy as you apparently did about,” Vito stopped to glance at his watch, “forty minutes ago, and you’ll be all right in our book.”

Henry didn’t need a mirror to know his face was now blood red.

“Next time, tell Cain to shut his bedroom window,” Tony pointed up, and Henry followed the line of sight to the open second-story window. “Sounds have a way of magnifying in this courtyard, you know.”

“Still, we congratulate you on your incredible penis,” Vito said with a shrug.

“Indeed!” Tony started to chuckle. “Cain screams very highly of it.”

And later in that same scene:

“That was…mortifying,” Cain said, shaking his head.

“You think so?” Henry asked, walking over to grab the coffee Nic had left there for Cain then handing it to him. He pointed toward the bedroom window, and Cain glanced up while taking a drink. “They all heard us having sex this morning.”

Cain spewed his mouthful of coffee into a fine mist that Henry managed to jump clear from.

Cain’s eyes went wide as saucers staring at the open window. “Oh…god!”

“That’s pretty much what it sounded like,” Stu said, passing by with a snarky grin.

I also really liked both Cain and Henry. There are both such good guys and fit together really well.  Cain is a bit flighty, a little more of a dreamer, but also so good and caring you can’t help but like him.  The threat of losing La Terraza is killing him, not just for himself, but because he feels like he would be letting down his grandmother and all his tenants.  He is bankrupting himself to try to save the place and always puts others before himself.  Yet he is still such a happy, positive guy, always trying to look at the bright side of things.  And Henry is a sweetheart, another really good and kind guy.  He is caught in a hard place, between the man he is growing to love and the demands of his boss. Yet even though Henry has some internal debate about how to handle the situation, he never crosses that line and betrays Cain’s trust.  And when he realizes there are people out there trying to hurt Cain, he rushes to his defense, even at risk to his own interests.

I really enjoyed the easy way these guys come together and the warmth of their relationship.  Both men are aware that they are falling fast and hard, which is both surprising and a little scary, but they also accept their relationship fairly easily.  And did I mention they are scorching hot together?  The two are on fire and they are a great combination of tender and sweet along with incredibly hot.

My only fault with the book is the resolution to the conflict with the building.  Toward the end I felt like things veered into almost a cartoon villainy, with the Bad Guy and his Evil Plot.  It just felt a little over the top and heavy handed for a story that had seemed so grounded in reality and that otherwise had such nice layering and nuance.

But overall I thought this was another wonderful story from Day. Great characters, lots of humor, great emotion, and a super hot relationship. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

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