Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Nate Webster finds it hard to tell his twin sister no when she begs him to make a coffee delivery to a difficult and pushy office staff. A simple flirtation in the elevator with a handsome stranger turns into several provocative meetings with the same man – who turns out to be Charles Griffin, owner of Griffin Trust.

On paper, they couldn’t be more different. Nate is a college student who comes from a middle class background and supports himself – and his sister most of the time – by working as a web designer. Griffin is sixteen years older than Nate. He is also one of the richest men in the world who attended Oxford, runs his own company, and is the twenty-seventh most eligible bachelor in America. As the attraction grows hotter with each interaction, Nate begins to wonder if it’s possible to have any type of relationship with Griff beyond the few encounters inside Griff’s office.

Slow Burn is funny, smart, and sexy. It’s a fun read about a relationship that, by all accounts, shouldn’t work. The author uses a great combination of humor and heat. Nate’s witty replies had me laughing out loud sometimes.  And the steamy meetings between Nate and Griff had me fanning myself. The initial encounters between Nate and Griff were creative, hot, and almost felt forbidden – probably because they happened in Griff’s office. The attraction is instant, but the build into more is seductive and wonderful.

The main characters were easily likable. Even though Griffin is seen as a scary authority figure by his employees, he is flirtatious, kind, and patient around Nate. The authority figure in Griffin is what initially attracts Nate. Nate is just as flirtatious, but he’s also innocent. Whereas, he’s not a virgin by any means, Griff is the first “man” he’s had any sort of encounter with. He’s willing to learn whatever Griff is willing to teach him.

There were a couple mentions of Griff’s receptionist giving Nate disapproving looks but nothing ever came of that. I almost wish there would have been some sort of confrontation with the receptionist; instead it didn’t really go anywhere.  The ending of the book left some questions that I wish would have been answered. I can’t say it was a bad ending because if the story had to end where it did, then it was an okay ending. I only wish it would have extended into another scene or two and answered those questions.

I recommend this to anyone who likes unlikely pairings mixed with a little humor and a lot of steaminess.

Cover: Great cover by Catt Ford. Of all the small things mentioned that were part of Griff and Nate meeting – the elevator, the coffee, and Griff’s office – I think the elevator was the best choice for the cover.