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Snow on the Mountain picks up a month or two after Fire on the Mountain ends. Jake and Kurt have moved to Wapiti Creek to work at the ski resort for the season. Jake is working as a ski lift operator on the bunny slopes while still saving and planning to attend pharmacy school next year. Kurt is working as a ski instructor for the Alpenschlössl Ski School.

Jake finds himself with unwanted attention when he saves a kid from falling off of the ski lift – attention that seems to follow him around. His lazy co-worker, Egon, was hard enough to deal with before Jake became a “hero.” After the rescue, Egon is nearly unbearable. Not only, that but he seems to hold a grudge towards Kurt because Kurt got the job at the ski school that Egon wanted. On the other hand, the rescue has brought on a few new friendships for Jake and eventually Kurt. After spending months alone as rangers in the mountains, it’s a welcome change to have new friends around.

Kurt took the ski instructor position at the Alpenschlössl Ski School because the pay was more than he’d been offered anywhere else. His plan was to save that money to take Jake on a vacation to Vanuatu, a diving trip that trip that Jake has talked about. The strange comments and knowing looks Kurt and Jake receive when they mention Kurt’s employer is a little off-putting, but Jake and Kurt have no idea what anyone has against Alpenschlössl so they try to ignore it. When Kurt ends up watching the front desk for a co-worker, he discovers that not all Alpenschlössl ski packages are the same and why Alpenschlössl ski instructors get paid more than other ski instructors. Kurt realizes he may be in over his head and it may be hard to find a way out.

Snow on the Mountain is the second book in P.D. Singer’s Mountain series and is a great addition. I enjoyed reading the first book, but I absolutely loved this one. In following the pattern of the first book, this story is mostly written in Jake’s first person point of view. But in a refreshing change, the author adds in some third person point of view from Kurt as well. I really enjoyed seeing what Kurt was going through in this book.

The story picks up a few months after the men leave the mountains as rangers. Jake and Kurt still haven’t said “I love you” but it’s expressed in other ways. Jake doesn’t want to say the words in a way that they might mean something else. He won’t say them during or after sex because he doesn’t want Kurt to think that it was just really great sex. He won’t say it after a fight because he doesn’t want Kurt to think that it’s only to keep him happy. He wants the words to actually mean “I love you” with no hidden meanings. Their relationship encounters new obstacles as new people are added or forced into their lives. They work together to learn a new level of trust and devotion to one another.

New characters enter the story and shake up the still-new relationship between Jake and Kurt. Egon is Jake’s co-worker who resents Kurt for stealing what Egon thought was his job. Throughout the story, Egon does whatever he can to upset the balance of Kurt’s life. And even after all of the sabotage, by the end of the book, I didn’t dislike Egon as much as I thought I would. Mark is ski patrol and a new friend of Jake’s and eventually Kurt’s. Mark is attracted to Jake and wants a chance with him, but knows that Jake and Kurt are a couple so he only remains friends with Jake. Besides Jake and Kurt, Mark is my favorite character in this story. He’s a good friend in times of need but he still pines for something he can’t have. I absolutely adore him. I’m really hoping and crossing my fingers for the possibility of Mark getting his own story in the future.

The plot was fun and frustrating and great all at the same time. It’s a story full of ups and downs, mystery, back-stabbing, secrets, lies, and of course love. The author kept me completely engrossed in the storyline. I truly enjoyed the adventure and action. But I loved the growth of Jake and Kurt’s relationship the most.

I highly recommend Snow on the Mountain to anyone who likes a romance mixed with misunderstanding, scandal, adventure, a little possessiveness, and a secret cabin in the mountains. It is a fun as it is sweet.

Bonus: Again the author gifted us with another short story to go along with this budding relationship. Mistletoe on the Mountain is a cute story of Jake and Kurt’s first Christmas together. Jake frets about what to get Kurt for Christmas and how best to give it to him.

Cover: Again, Reese Dante brings a perfect picture to a great story; combining Jake and Kurt with the ski resort setting. Wonderful cover!

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