Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Ethan met Aaron on the day of his final interview to become a TA. Something about Aaron attracted Ethan, but he wasn’t sure what. Aaron was dorky and smaller than the men Ethan was usually attracted to. But there was something about the shy, standoffish man that made Ethan want to get to know him better. After years of casual hook-ups and one night stands, Ethan is ready to settle down in a relationship. The only problem is that the only person he can picture himself with is Aaron and Aaron has turned him down every time Ethan has asked him out.

Aaron is insecure and paranoid. He’s had a difficult past and finds it hard to trust anybody. When Ethan begins to show interest in him, Aaron is sure Ethan is only trying to humiliate him. Aaron isn’t sure why someone like Ethan would be attracted to him. When he goes out and gets drunk after a bad day, the last thing Aaron expects is ending up in Ethan’s care. What’s even more confusing is that Ethan seems to want to take care of him without wanting anything in return.  Aaron gets a glimpse of the real Ethan – not the self-assured, cocky man, but the caring and somewhat vulnerable man. He starts to realize that maybe Ethan had been sincere in his attraction all along. Finally, Aaron gives in and asks Ethan out. Now he has to find a way to open himself up to a relationship and learn to trust again.

Theory of Attraction is a cute story of opposites attract. The characters were adorable. I found refreshing that Ethan was the “big man on campus” type even as an academician and not a jock. He’s good looking and used to getting what he wants. He can usually charm his way into any situation with his looks and his wit. So he’s caught off guard when his advances are rejected by Aaron. Aaron sees himself as skinny, nerdy, and boring. His self-confidence has been trampled on time and time again to a point where he believes any advance from Ethan is only a way to humiliate Aaron. There is a side to Aaron that seems to be shy and unapproachable, but then there is another side of Aaron that is caring and nurturing.

The author blames Aaron’s insecurity, paranoia, and trust issues on past hurts involving his family and his ex-boyfriend, but there is not really a lot of history given on either subject. All that I really learned about the ex-boyfriend is that he was controlling, but I don’t know exactly how he was controlling. I wish the author would have given a little more background on this relationship. And again, when the author mentions that Aaron was hurt by his family there is no detail on that relationship either. There are a few mentions about Aaron’s dad and I can see how Aaron may have been disappointed by his father, but there’s no explanation of the hurt Aaron endured because of his family.

The pursuit of Aaron by Ethan was sweet and the storyline was a good one; it flowed really well. Like I said, I only wish there would have been a little more background to subjects mentioned earlier in the story. I felt like that left a few plot holes that could have been easily corrected with a little explanation.

All in all, Theory of Attraction is a story of a sweet beginning to a relationship. And I wouldn’t be disappointed to read more about this couple in the future.

Cover: This is another gorgeous cover by Reese Dante that shows both the characters and the school setting perfectly. Well done!

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