Today I am super excited to welcome author Kerry Freeman back to the blog.  Kerry has a new release out, Pine Tar & Sweet Tea, and has brought a copy of the book to give away to one lucky commenter.  Kerry is also attending GayRomLit this year and thought she tell us a little bit about the authors she is excited to meet.  

Soon, I’ll be at GayRomLit as an author, and I’m really looking forward to meeting all the readers and reviewers I’ve talked to online. But authors are fans in their own right, and I have a few favorites I’m looking forward to fangirling over.

My favorite gay romance is Z. A. Maxfield’s Drawn Together. When anyone asks me to recommend a book, it’s my first suggestion. ZAM is also an awesome person who is supportive of her fellow writers. I’m going to try not to audibly squeal when I meet her, but I can’t promise anything.

Mercy Celeste lives near the southern coast of Alabama, and I live near the northern border. Not only am I psyched that there will be another Bama native at GRL, but I’m also a fan of her books. I think I may have promised to buy her alcohol at some point, too. Maybe we’ll both get a little tipsy and sing “Sweet Home Alabama” at karaoke.

I have two friends who love Damon Suede’s Hot Head. I don’t blame them; Hot Head is an awesome book. I’m really looking forward to meeting Damon and having him sign a copy of HH for my friends. And they better appreciate it, seeing as they still haven’t read my books yet :-/ Oh, a little birdy told me something about Damon and a kilt…

I absolutely adore Amy Lane’s books. The Keeping Promise Rock series, Hammer & Air, Truth in the Dark, The Locker Room. Yeah, I’ve read quite a few of her books, and I can’t think of any I haven’t loved. One of my goals for GRL is to tell her that in person without swallowing my tongue.

There are so many great authors attending GRL and only so much time to meet them all. It might be easier to just stand in the middle of the welcoming reception and scream, “I love you all.” 😉

If you’re going to GRL, who are you most looking forward to meeting?

Book Blurb

After playing eleven years in the Minor Leagues, Coach Matt Hawley has returned to his tiny Alabama hometown to lead his old high school baseball team to their first state championship. At the other end of the state, René Días, who left the Major League after one season, is getting his team ready to defend their state title for the second straight year. One is in the closet. The other is between relationships. Neither has any intention of hooking up at the state tournament.

Then they see each other.

Pre-game lust turns into an intense one-night stand neither man can forget, and when their best friends embark on a romance, Matt and René are thrown together again. This time they decide it won’t be for just a single night. But the fear of disappointing his minister father and shaming his family forces Matt to keep one foot in the closet, even as he and René find their lust is maybe something more. He’s going to have to make a choice between between his family and his freedom.

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Kerry was born and raised in Alabama, and she grew up swearing she was going to get the hell out of Dodge the instant she could. Turns out Dodge ain’t so bad, and she never left. Alabama’s version of a city girl, she married a country boy, and the adorkable couple lives in a small town with their two socially awkward dogs.

Kerry loves to write about love, and it turns out most of the voices in her head are men. She also loves to write about the South, so most of her stories end up there, one way or another.

A tomboy and a geek from way back, Kerry has a day job but dreams she will one day write full time. She has a weakness for yaoi, Japanese stationery, YA, and ginger-haired singers from Britain. She owns an impressive t-shirt collection. Nowaki & Hiroki are her homeboys.

Kerry has brought a copy of Pine Tar & Sweet Tea to give away to one lucky commenter.  The contest will close on Thursday October 18th at 11:59 pm EST.  Usual rules apply…
  • By entering the contest, you’re confirming that you are at least 18 years old.
  • Winners will be selected by random number.
  • If you win, you must respond to my email within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Please make sure that your spam filter allows email from Joyfully Jay and leave your email address if it is not in your profile.
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