Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Something is not right. Matthew Drummond is having memories of things that don’t exist or haven’t happened. His blue mug that he has had for years is missing. His wife assures him that she has never taken a trip to Las Vegas even though he remembers it clearly. Several things in his office are misplaced or missing. The color of his car is wrong. And, strangest of all, he is having visions of a man begging Matthew not to leave him. The man seems familiar to Matthew, but for some reason Matthew can’t place him.

One moment Matthew was there and the next he was gone. Morgan Drummond has been searching for his husband with no clues as to where he could be. In a glance, Morgan saw Matthew standing on the porch of their house and then he disappeared. Help comes in the form of a police officer – Sallic. What Sallic has to say is pretty farfetched and unbelievable, but he may be Morgan’s only hope of getting Matthew back.

In a word, 137 Owens Street is fabulous. In more than one word it is creative, adventurous, and exciting. DC Juris has stepped out of the box with this story and brings a new twist to science fiction and dimensional travel.

I love these two main characters. They have a love that spans worlds and time. Even though Matthew is not always sure of what he’s feeling, he trusts Morgan every time he sees him. He knows that Morgan is his husband; he doesn’t know how he knows it, but he just knows. Matthew spends most of his time confused and looking for answers and Morgan spends his time searching for Matthew, and once he finds him, Morgan struggles to keep a connection with him between dimensions. Morgan never gives up on Matthew. He leans on his faith and his mother for support, but he fights with everything he has to see Matthew returned to him. Theirs is a strong and wonderful love story.

This story is science fiction but not on the alien side of sci-fi. It is focused around dimensional travel. The world that Juris has created is both futuristic and realistic. Dimensional travel, dimensional guards, and the Syndicate are only parts of these worlds that I find so fascinating. I was interested throughout the entire story. Matthew’s confusion, his visions, thinking himself crazy, Morgan’s dire need to get Matthew home, his faith, and Sillac’s knowledge of other worlds all make for a well detailed, well paced, and well written story.

When all is said and done, 137 Owens Street is a great read with wonderful characters, creative world-building, and action-filled plot. I highly recommend it.