Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

From the very start of this fast-paced novella, Choices, by Em Woods, we are very aware that we have landed smack in the middle of an ongoing story—and a long standing love that has been left hanging for far too many years.

The distance between Kaden, the local veterinarian, and Brandt, a professional rodeo clown is much larger than just the years that have passed.  In fact, time and Bryant’s persistence in chasing down one more rodeo, has left their fragile relationship fractured and uncertain.  And into that fissure has stepped Mike, a young vet’s assistant and a burgeoning love interest for Kaden, just at the exact same time that Brandt has decided to settle down and put down roots.

A classic love triangle.  But, fear not, for Woods uses her considerable writing skill to draw us into this trio of lovers and has us waiting with baited breath to see if there will or even can be a happy ever after for these men.

So, what worked in this interesting little tale and what left me confused and unsettled?  Well, I am happy to say that much of this story not only held my interest but had me chomping at the bit for the next step forward in these men’s lives.

I can tell you that the emotional depths Woods manages to plumb in so few pages really shines and focuses the story in a way that left this reader wanting more—more back story on Brandt and Kaden’s meeting and the years they spent apart, more of Mike and how he coped for two years as he hopelessly fell in love with his boss and watched with a breaking heart as that same man pined for another man, and definitely more of where this trio would end up—how they would make this love triangle work.

Perhaps the only element that did not work for me was this shadowy assailant who beat up on Brandt and attempted to do so with Mike as well.  There seemed to be a reason lurking in the background as to why this man hated gays and delighted in bashing them, but it was murky at best and never resolved.   While I could be led to believe that this particular plot point would possibly be getting its own story, I was not convinced that would happen and consequently, it was left hanging and that nagged at me for the rest of this otherwise delightful novella.

So, Choices by Em Woods sits solidly at a 4 star rating for me and I look forward to reading more from this new and exciting novelist.