Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Tom and Isaac have been in a committed relationship for two years.  Isaac is older (almost 40) and is generally more conservative than his 22-year-old lover.  While they enjoy an active and exciting sex life, it is typically Tom who takes the lead when the couple explores new things.  Isaac adores his young lover and is willing to do almost anything for him, but he isn’t sure he can handle Tom’s latest request.  Tom has confessed a deep desire to experience being a submissive and wants Isaac to be his dominant.  Although they have had some kinky or rough play before, Isaac has never really considered being a Dom and isn’t sure he is cut out for it.  But he also wants to give Tom what he needs so he agrees to try it out.

Their first experience gives both men lots of pleasure, but each are nervous the next day.  Tom worries that he has pushed Isaac into a role that he really doesn’t want.  And Isaac worries he has hurt Tom or taken things too far.  Isaac finds he loved the experience as a Dom, but part of him also feel worried and guilty for enjoying it so much.  Both Tom and Isaac are finding something here that they really want, but they need to be honest with each other about their feelings so they can find a way to explore the lifestyle together.

I was drawn to this story because it features both an inexperienced Dom and sub.  I haven’t seen many stories with this angle and I thought it would be interesting to see how a couple with both partners just starting out in the BDSM world would handle it.  I appreciated that they keep things pretty tame as they are still feeling their way and that both men take the time to learn more about the lifestyle before taking things too far.  Tom and Isaac are both understandably tentative. Neither man starts out completely confident in sharing his wants and needs, and each are a bit uncertain they know what they are doing (especially Isaac).  We get the story from Isaac’s POV and we can see all his emotions – confusion and uncertainty at what he is being asked, concern he  may not do a good job, and the secret thrill inside as he realizes that this is something that really turns him on.  The age difference adds another dynamic as Isaac worries he may not be able to meet the needs of his young lover as Tom explores and grows in his sexuality.  Isaac also feels concern about the dynamic of being an older man punishing his younger lover.  So both guys have a lot to work out emotionally as well as setting up the boundaries and structure of their changing relationship.

While I liked getting Isaac’s viewpoint and witnessing the learning curve, there were times when I felt like things were a bit too talky.  There just seems to be a lot of analysis, both internally to Isaac and externally between them.  It slowed things down for me a little toward the second half of the book. However, I did enjoy this story and really liked both Tom and Isaac.  Tomorrow I will be reviewing The Right Direction, the next book in the series, and am looking forward to continuing with their story.

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