Rating: 4.5 rating
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Length: Short Story

In this short story, we meet Sean O’Hara and Cormac Kelly a year after the events of The Druid Stone.  Things are still going well for the guys, but busy schedules have meant they haven’t had much quality time together.  To celebrate one year together and to get some spice back in their sex lives, Cormac books a weekend away for the guys in Galway.  And taking a cue from some comments Sean has made about exploring BDSM a bit, Cormac brings along some toys and plans for some kinky fun.  The guys have a super hot weekend together and explore a new dynamic to their relationship, bringing back some spark and taking them both to new heights of enjoyment.

So I really enjoyed this short story – hot, romantic, kinky, and incredibly sexy.  I have not read The Druid Stone, the novel which establishes Sean and Cormac’s relationship (although I did read the loosely related short story Cruce de Caminos that features just Sean).  However, I had no problem jumping into this story and catching up with these guys.  Mostly because while the story does give us some setup and takes steps to move the relationship forward, this is primarily a chance to read about some hot loving between Sean and Cormac and there really isn’t a whole lot of plot. So even without knowing much about them, I was able to sink right in and really enjoy this one. And I think if you are fans of The Druid Stone, this story will be even more appealing.

Galway Bound is short and sweet (and deliciously not so sweet as well!) and I really enjoyed it.  If you are looking for a little kink or a super sexy short to nibble on, it is definitely a great choice.