Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

When Evan Griffin’s lover died over a year ago, he felt as if he had lost everything and had no reason to move on with his life. Now with a push from his sister, Evan is gradually taking steps towards reality again. He has moved to the country to get some peace and quiet and a new beginning. The strange noises that he begins hearing can be explained away, but moved and missing objects cannot. When the strange happenings turn physical and Evan ends up battered, bruised, and in danger, he seeks help from paranormal investigators Knight & Stone.

Paranormal investigator Ross Stone has ghosts of his own, only his are figurative and alive. His abusive ex-boyfriend has reappeared and Ross is fighting to remain in control of his own life. Upon their first meeting, Ross is immediately attracted to Evan. Even vulnerable, battered, and bruised there is something about Evan that draws Ross in. After viewing Evan’s injuries, Ross has an overwhelming urge to protect the man and keep him safe. Fighting ghosts is what he does for a living, but working closely with Evan begins to make this case more personal.

After seeing firsthand what Evan’s ghost is capable of, Ross volunteers to remain with Evan through the first night. Just as the attraction heats up between Ross and Evan, strange things start happening that cause their worlds to collide in more ways than one.

This is just the ghost story I needed before Halloween. It is a haunting story complete with vengeance and violence. But it is also a sweet romance detailing what could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Evan has been through hell and back in the past year only to start a new life with a ghost that is torturing him. He is struggling to fight a trauma in his past that he does not have any memory of. Ross has learned to depend on himself and control his own life for the last two years, but now his abusive ex-boyfriend is trying to insert himself in back into Ross’s life and doesn’t want to take no for an answer. When their pasts collide and secrets are revealed, both Evan and Ross support each other in order to come out alive and together.

I enjoyed these characters so much because while they could both have taken on the mentality of victims, they instead chose to be survivors. They are not damsels in distress. They are both strong men who have difficult pasts. They support each other and make the other feel safe. Yes, they both have vulnerabilities but they don’t live their lives around those vulnerabilities.

I also love Evan and Ross as a couple. The attraction is instant and the chemistry is off the charts. They don’t have a lot of time to get to know each other because the investigation takes precedence. But as the story is a HFN, there is room left in my imagination (if there is not a sequel) for Evan and Ross to cultivate their relationship and eventually fall in love.

This author has a way of keeping me glued to the page from beginning to end no matter what the sub-genre. This story is full of twist and turns, villains, secrets, and mystery. The characters are relatable and the story, as far-fetched as ghosts can be for some, was believable while I was reading. The plot kept me interested and the story was very well thought out and well written. And the ending…the ending is spooky and exciting. It gives me hope for a sequel somewhere in the future. I would love to see Ross and Evan get a happily ever after that they greatly deserve.

I have to give it to Lisa Worrall, she has a way with endings, and beginnings and middles for that matter. This is not the first book I’ve read of hers, nor will it be the last. I highly recommend this story to anyone who likes paranormal ghost stories with mystery and a new romance added in.  This one is definitely a good choice for someone looking for a ghost story to read before one of my favorite holidays – Halloween.

This cover by Lee Tiffin sets the mood for the book. The models are perfect representations of Evan and Ross. And the house and the ghost in the background give a haunted vibe to the story. Well done.

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