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Noah Forman wakes up in a hospital bed after a car accident left him unconscious for four weeks. Only his brother, Ben, is waiting by his bedside, but the one person Noah wants is nowhere in sight. Clark Lehman is Noah’s partner and soul mate. Noah knows that nothing would keep Clark from his bedside short of injury to himself or Noah’s family attempting to keep Clark away. After denying Ben access to his room, Noah demands that the hospital staff contact Clark.

Clark was seventeen when he met thirteen-year-old Noah. Immediately Clark felt a connection with Noah, a protectiveness that he had never felt before. Clark knew instinctively that Noah was his, although at the time he didn’t know the full extent of that feeling. All Clark knew was that Noah was a member of a family that didn’t understand him, so Noah needed Clark to care for him and protect him from being hurt in any way. Eventually they make an agreement that when Noah turned eighteen, Clark would give a relationship a chance – a relationship that spans over a decade.

When Clark arrives at the hospital, he finds that Noah has forgotten the past three years of his life. But after a discussion with Clark, Noah begins to remember the past and realizes why he’s blocked those years out. However, even past mistakes can’t seem to keep Noah and Clark apart. They’ve known most of their lives that they were meant for one another. Now they have to find a way to work through misunderstandings and those stupid mistakes in order to have the future they have known they were destined for since they were teenagers.

Home Again is part of Cardeno C.’s Home series. It’s a beautiful story of two men who meet at an early age and depend on each other when they have no one else. It’s a fourteen-year journey through Noah and Clark’s lives. When they meet, Noah is on a self-destructive path. He already knows that he’s gay but also knows there is no way he can tell his homophobic family. Clark is Noah’s only saving grace. He seems to be the only person who knows and can understand the real Noah. Clark truly cares for Noah, but at first he’s not sure what that means. At seventeen, he never thought of himself as gay but he’s also never had any attraction towards girls. As his feelings for Noah evolve, Clark also discovers himself. It’s not necessarily a story of instant love. Noah is very mature at a young age and falls in love with Clark quickly.   I think that Clark loves Noah in a way at the beginning, but falling in love with him happens over a longer period of time.

This story is very character-driven. And these two characters are probably two of my favorites of all time. Noah is self-destructive, rough around the edges, and possessive. Clark is Noah’s complete opposite. He’s patient, nurturing, and affectionate. But with all of their differences they complement one another so well. When Noah is so overly possessive it borders on brutal, Clark understands and lets Noah stake his claim whenever he feels the need. But even in their seemingly perfect relationship there are misunderstandings that have cost them both years of hurt and loss. And although they were both hurt, they blamed themselves and never pointed the finger at each other.

The structure of the story is so creative and well thought out. It is one of the reasons I love this book so much. It’s written in first person point of view of both characters but at different times. Noah is telling the story in the present, from waking up in the hospital on. Clark’s point of view is from the past. He tells of the first time he and Noah met. He outlines their high school years as well as their college years and the growth of their relationship as well as the growth of both characters. And each of the character’s stories is told so well. There were times that I would feel nervous right along with Clark, or heart-broken with Noah.  And then there were times that I was fanning myself because these two characters can raise the temperature in a room quickly. I’m not sure if anyone has ever met their soul mate at thirteen years old, but the telling of this story is so fantastic that it makes me wish the story was true.

There is just not enough good things to say about Home Again. It is a book that I’ve read more than once and will probably read again. In fact the series is one of my all-time favorites. I highly recommend Home Again by Cardeno C.

On a side note, each book written in the Home series is written as a stand-alone book within the same world, meaning you can pick up any of the books and read them in any order and not miss out on what may have happened in a previous book. The timing of the books is written in a way that there is no real chronological order to the series. You will find that several characters show up randomly throughout all of the books as introductions for their own stories. It’s a very creative and well planned series.

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