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Intergalactic Navy Captain Nate Hawkins has been sent to the planet Regelence to help discover who is behind the theft of a weapons stash. After years of commanding his own space ship, Nate is surprised at life on Regelence. Their society mirrors Regency England, like his own home planet, Englor. But in this case, births have been engineered to breed mostly gay men, and men are the ones whose virtue must be guarded until they are married. It is so different from Englor, a place Nate had to flee after a scandal partly caused by his own interest in men.

When Nate arrives on Regelence, he expects the investigation to be the sole focus of his attention, but he finds himself drawn to Aiden, one of the young princes. As a young royal, Aiden has been sheltered and has no experience with men at all. And Nate is a man who likes his encounters on the hard core side. He also knows that Aiden’s virtue must remain intact and that Nate should stay away from the young man to avoid another scandal. But everything about Aiden fascinates Nate, especially his artistic talent and focus. He finds himself drawn more and more to the Aiden and begins thinking about a future with him. And Aiden is totally falling for Nate as well, completely entranced by the handsome, imposing captain. He never expected he would want to marry, choosing to focus all his attention on his art. But upon getting to know Nate, Aiden begins to realize that he may want more from his life than he originally thought.

In the meantime, the investigation into the theft is stalling and Nate is no closer to figuring out who stole the weapons or how they even managed to get them out of the palace.  And now things are becoming dangerous for Aiden, as it seems he may have inadvertently stumbled upon something the thieves didn’t want him to see. Now the men must work hard to keep Aiden safe, find the criminals, and sort out the developing feelings between them.

This is the second time I have read My Fair Captain and it remains one of my favorites. Now that the third book in the Langley’s Sci-Regency series is out, it seemed like a good time to reread this one. I will admit, I was a bit hesitant to start this series at first. I am not a big science fiction fan and I worried it wouldn’t be to my taste, but I continue to be delighted by the world Langley creates here. It is such an interesting blend of futuristic combined with a Regency historical, with the added twist of refocusing society on the young men rather than women. The men attend balls, have match making fathers, and must find appropriate mates, similarly to the typical historical. But at the same time, we get fancy technology, space ships, and interplanetary politics. It makes for a fascinating world and one I was really excited to revisit.

Langley also gives us great characters here. I love the royal family with King Steven and his royal consort Raleigh. They are so adorable together, a mix of gruff and playful, and the perfect patriarchs for their brood of five young men. I think Langley does a great job here making each of the princes distinct with their own personalities. With so many sons who all are close in age and appearance, it would have easy to make them interchangeable, but instead we get interesting characters even with their limited page time. I also loved Trouble, Nate’s adopted teenage son. Raised on the ship by a single father, he is a bit wild and outrageous and so much fun. He makes an interesting contrast to the royal princes who are raised to be formal and decorous (but who also have a wild streak of their own). I am so excited to see how he develops as a character and we are already given some great hints for how things may develop for both Trouble and the royal sons in future books.

But Nate and Aiden are my favorites and I totally love them together. I am a sucker for age difference stories, as well as for virgin heroes, so I loved the interplay here between the young, sheltered prince, and the imposing and dominant naval officer. Aiden is often so dreamy, caught up in his own world and focused on his art. He pairs so nicely with the more structured Nate who keeps Aiden in line, but at the same time totally dotes on him. And boy are they hot together! There is just a bit of kink in their interactions, and even though Nate worries about pushing Aiden too hard, Aiden is right there with him every step of the way. They are super sexy together and such a great couple.

My only real quibble with this story is that I occasionally got a bit lost with the investigation into the thefts and the conspiracy that is behind that. It may be partly because these elements carry across the series and are not fully resolved in this book, keeping things from wrapping up neatly here. But even when we learn more about who is behind the plot, I still found myself a bit confused about what was going on and trying to sort out all the characters.

But overall I really love this one and think it is a great start to a really good series. It’s fun, exciting, with great world building, and very sexy.

Note: This review is for the original version of the book published by Samhain Publishing, but it has since be re-released by Dreampsinner Press.

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