Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Isaac and Tom are partners who have recently begun experimenting in BDSM. Both are new to the scene and it was Tom’s interest in being a submissive that led the men into more serious experimentation beyond their usual sex lives. In Facing the Truth, the first book in the Calling the Shots series, we see the men have their first attempt at trying out their Dom and sub roles.  The Right Direction picks up a few weeks after the events of that story and take the guys through a more serious weekend of D/S play where they will maintain their roles full time.  Although Isaac is still a bit nervous about his new role, he has had time to prepare and do some research into the lifestyle. He has also bought a host of new toys that he finds quite excite him.  As the weekend continues, both men begin to find their way in their new roles, push some of their limits, and really enjoy what the lifestyle can offer.

So this story really builds upon the events of the first book as the men decide to take things a bit further with more extended play and more intense scenes.  They are both still very much learning their way through the BDSM lifestyle and I appreciated that that haven’t suddenly both become expert in a matter of weeks.  Both Tom and Isaac are learning what they like and settling into their roles, but they are still clearly figuring some things out as they go along.

As with the first story, my biggest hurdle here was the constant telling rather than showing what was happening, whether it was through Isaac’s internal dialog or through conversations between them.  There were so many “As you know Bob…” type of thoughts and discussions that it began to feel more like an instruction manual than a romance story.  For example, as they discuss a new scene, Tom says:

“I love wearing a cock ring and this one looks very comfortable, Sir. But…” Tom hesitated. “Please, Sir, don’t edge me.”
“You mean to say you’d prefer me not to bring you to the brink of orgasm time after time until you simply can’t stop yourself any longer?”

This just came across as so heavy handed here, like he is reading from the dictionary. Especially because there is an intense (and hot) edging scene earlier in the book, it would seem easy to clarify that this is what it is called at that point rather than having to formally define it later. Or here is another example where Isaac introduces Tom to a cane:

“You like this cane, don’t you? It intrigues you, because it looks almost boringly simple next to all that leather you saw on the Internet, yet I can hurt you with it beyond anything you’ve ever feared. Let me guess, it makes you wonder how much pain you can tolerate for Sir before you have no choice but to use your safe word. Taking care of what Sir loves more than anything in this world comes before pride.” Isaac wrapped his fingers around Tom’s shaft and pumped a few times.

Again, I just feel like Isaac telling Tom what he is sure Tom is thinking is just a shortcut to actually showing Tom’s feelings and reactions. It just makes the scene just fall so flat. And unfortunately, this type of dialog or internal monologue happens so often throughout the book that it took away from my enjoyment.

So overall I found myself happy to see Tom and Isaac again and to see how they have progressed to the next stage of their relationship.  I continue to think this is an interesting concept, following these guys who are both new to the scene and seeing how they find their way.  And I am still curious enough to pick up another book in the series if there are more planned.  But the writing in this one just came across as too much telling and made the story feel somewhat bland.