Rating: 1 star
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Length: Novella

I am going to begin this review by stating that I truly enjoy the Hammer series by Sean Michael,  I do.  The Tutor is not the Hammer series, not by a long shot.  It is a sad thing when an author, who can write with intelligence and provide interesting plotlines and deep, sexy characters, opts to put a story to page that is little more than one sex scene after another with little to no story line to tie it all together.

The Tutor is a college-themed novella that has a young teaching assistant Peter, meeting a new client, a freshman, Kai.  Upon their initial meeting, Peter invites Kai to study in his apartment, seduces him, takes his virginity, and begins a long-term affair of fairly constant sex with a dash of studying thrown in for good measure.

And dear reader, that is the plot… yes, all of it.  There are a few paragraphs stating that Kai passed his midterm, and a few paragraphs where there was an auction of sorts where Kai (a kinesthesiology major –think masseuse) offers up a massage and some wealthy gay student wins it.  This, in turn, makes Peter jealous and in response Kai tells Peter he is in love with him.  And, of course Peter responds with his own declaration.  And that was it!

And the rest?  Sex.  Lots of sex.  So much that I found myself thinking that if I didn’t have to review this novella it would have landed on my DNF shelf (did not finish).  I was so very disappointed.  Remember my initial statement? I like this author, but I did not like this offering.

The lack of plot.  The frequency of on the page sex.  The unbelievable quality of the declaration of “love” between the two MCs.   It all adds up to a novella that has very little to offer the reader.

The Tutor by Sean Michaels is not a novel that I can recommend to you—but as always dear reader, the choice is yours.