So yesterday I was looking through my blog stats at some of the search terms people use to find me. Most of us bloggers have access to this type of information and I find it useful to see what types of things people search for and which ones take them to my blog (although no worries, I can’t tell who did the search, just what term was used).  So periodically I go through them just to check things out.

Most of the searches that get you to my blog are obvious search terms you would expect — the name of my blog, m/m authors, names of books, etc.  Sometimes I get racier ones searching for gay porn or really off the wall topics.  But last night I stumbled across perhaps my best one yet: Hot amish men that want gay sex during rumspringa.  I mean, first of all, talk about your specific fantasies!  And second of all, how the hell did they end up finding my blog using that search term?

Purely for research purposes, I googled it to see what page on my blog they would have found. After 15 pages of results, I still couldn’t find my blog. So either someone was VERY dedicated and searched through more results than I had patience for, or the connection was a bit more random.  My guess is that they ended up at me because Andrew Grey has a m/m romance book featuring an Amish character and we have recently reviewed some of his other books (but not this one).  So maybe that is it, who knows.  Either way, glad you found me hot amish fantasy peeps!

After amusing myself poking around through the search terms last night, I thought it would be fun to share some of the other crazy searches that brought people to Joyfully Jay over the past week.

  • Images related with a peritoneal dialysis on man – This is my absolute favorite because I get this search ALL THE TIME!  A while back Josephine Myles did a guest post on the blog about peritoneal dialysis because one of the characters in Handle With Care has a condition that requires it.  So I can not tell you how many people end up at my blog who are just innocently searching for medical information. Boy, they must be quite surprised when they get here!  But hey, maybe they will find something good to read while they are visiting.  Welcome medical research folks!
  • Straight men in locker room shower – Yeah, based on Google this one seems to be a BIG fetish. I think it must be a straight guys who get so turned on in the shower they all have sex with each other thing (I also found a lovely one on men who pee on each other in the shower but that is whole other fetish).  Again, can’t find what page they got on Joyfully Jay, but I’ll guess it is the review of Amy Lane’s Locker Room.  Hello all you OFY shower fetish folks!
  • Gay pornstars naked ass photosWell, this one is not quite so random. I mean who among us hasn’t Googled something like this, right? No? Just me?  Again, unfortunately I have no actual gay porn star naked ass photos on my blog.  Oh, that is so sad.  I am guessing they found me either through the post about how AngstyG turned a picture of Jake Bass into the Aaron cover, or through the Anteros media ad in my side bar. But either way, welcome porn fans!  And if any of you gay porn stars want to share your naked ass photos, call me ok?
  • How to masturbate joyfully – Because isn’t that what it is all about? If you are not masturbating joyfully, you are doing it wrong!  This one actually got you to my blog on page 1 of the Google results! Woo hoo! It was my post on College Boys Masturbating Through Walls day when we reviewed two different books with this theme.  So all you sad masturbators, I hope you can come to Joyfully Jay and learn to have a bit more fun!

So those were the crazy searches that found Joyfully Jay in the last seven days. I am not sure you all quite found what you were looking for, but welcome to everyone!  We love you and accept you no matter what crazy stuff you like to search for online!  And if you find anything good, be sure to share!

P.S. If any of my fellow bloggers have any crazy searches of their own, feel free to add them in the comments below.

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