Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Jory Harcourt’s dreams have come true. He has the man of his dreams, U.S. Marshal Sam Kage, the children he’s always wanted, six-year-old Kola and four-year-old  Hannah, a house in the suburbs of Chicago, a great job, and the friends and extended family that he loves. Of course, now that his life is perfect, things are bound to go wrong.

When an unexpected event of road rage puts Jory in the hospital, he’s not surprised when his protective husband arrives, but he is when Sam’s ex-boyfriend turns out to be his doctor. Secrets come out and only serve to make their relationship stronger. Then a hitman shows up while Sam, Jory, and the kids are at a family reunion. Both of these events seem random until Sam discovers a connection to a witness that has been missing for the past year. Danger, fear, and running for his life are not new to Jory. He has a family that he will fight for now. Focused on their family, Jory and Sam will do anything to keep them safe and protected.

But for You is the final installment in Mary Calmes’ A Matter of Time series, and what a conclusion it is. I am very pleased with this final story of the lives of Jory and Sam. As the sixth book in this series, I recommend that you read the first five in order to get to know Jory and Sam from the beginning.

Five years down the road, Jory Harcourt has somewhat matured. He has a wonderful family with whom he lives in domestic bliss. He’s the heart of his home. He’s still mildly spastic and has a very strange way of thinking, but that’s what makes Jory…Jory. I’ve adored him from the very first time I picked up A Matter of Time. Watching him grow up throughout this series has been a treat. I love his progression from playboy to loving husband to family man. Sam is still the strength of their relationship. He’s strong, protective, and a wonderful husband and father.

This time in Jory’s life is focused on his family. His relationship with Sam is stronger than ever. They have only gotten better with age. It’s proven more than once in this story that there is nothing and no one that can come between Jory and Sam. The addition of the children only makes them stronger and is a wonderful element of this book. Kola and Hannah are the sweetest kids, full of life and energy with the greatest little personalities. This story is just made better by the two little people.

All of the favorite secondary characters have returned in this book. It was good to be updated on the lives of Dane and Aja and their kids, Dylan and Chris, Aubrey and Rick, Fallon, and all of Sam’s family. I was happy to see that five years down the road, they are still part of each other’s lives. My very favorite update came with Aaron Sutter. I was happy to see that he and Jory are still friends, but most of all, I am so happy that Aaron may have found his happy ending, because he deserves it.

The drug cartel storyline is a continuation of the plot from the first two books of this series. I enjoyed it most because we got to see some of what Sam went through while he and Jory were separated for the three-year-period between the first volume and the second volume. It also introduced Sam’s ex-boyfriend, Kevin Dwyer, who Jory didn’t know about. The action and mystery were an exciting part of this story but it is a little more subdued than in the other books because of the family aspect of Jory and Sam’s life.

I can’t say that I have any problems with this book, other than it being the last book of a great series. I’m a little sad that there won’t be more. It was a wonderful ending to the saga of Jory and Sam. I’m sad to see the end, but I’ve love how their story has played out over the years. But for You was a beautiful ending full of family and friends, a little action and a lot of love. I highly recommend you read the entire series.

Cover: This is another beautiful cover from Reese Dante. I really like the addition of Sam and the wedding ring to this cover. Great cover.