Rating: 5 stars
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Length: Novel

Life has changed dramatically for Ken Brighton. After moving to a new town his six year old daughter, Hanna, was diagnosed with leukemia. When his lover suddenly leaves, Ken is left to take care of Hanna on his own. As difficult as that is, Ken is determined to do anything to keep his little girl happy. Mysterious gifts left on the door step for Hanna put a new light in her eyes. Meeting and spending time with their neighbor, former singer Patrick Flaherty, also brings Hanna a great amount of joy.

Patrick has struggled to start his life over since a senseless act of violence took his voice from him two years ago. Losing hope when a miracle didn’t restore his voice, Patrick has lived day to day with very little communication with the outside world. Looks of pity and the lack of ability to communicate keep Patrick from getting on with his life. Hope begins to form when he meets Hanna and Ken. Seeing Hanna’s face light up when she sees the gifts that he leaves is worth everything to Patrick, even if neither she nor Ken know that the gifts are from him.

Spending more and more time with Ken brings a different type hope to Patrick. Afraid of rejection, Patrick keeps his feelings for Ken to himself, but he continues to spend time with Ken and help in any way he can. Patrick has taken a permanent place in Ken and Hanna’s lives, seeing them though the good days and through Hanna’s relapses.

When Ken finally realizes that he’s fallen in love with the silent man, Patrick seems to be avoiding him. Although the fear of rejection still haunts Patrick, the fear of losing Ken and Hanna scares him even more. Facing fears can be difficult as both Ken and Patrick find a way to work though their own individual fears and doubts in their journeys to seek happiness and love.

I am in awe of Andrew Grey after reading this book. I’ve been a fan of his work for quite a while, but this book is a masterpiece. It is my new favorite from this author. Love Comes Silently is a beautiful and heart-wrenching tale of the love that is able to overcome fear.

I absolutely adore the characters in this book. Ken is, first and foremost, an amazing father. His focus on his sick little girl takes up most of his life. He struggles on and off with thoughts of losing her, not knowing how he would be able to go on without her. His only solace, his only other companionship comes when Patrick enters his life. Patrick is a quiet rock. Yes, he has his own insecurities, but he is the support that Ken needs to make it through his fears and struggles with Hanna’s cancer. His insecurities and fears almost cause him to miss out on a love that changes his life. His friendship with Hanna and, subsequently, Ken gives Patrick a hope that he hadn’t felt in years – gives him a new confidence, a new purpose. The progression of his character throughout this story is beautiful and wonderful to watch.

And Hanna. This story is made perfect and whole by Hanna. She is a beautiful little girl with the spirit of a warrior, fighting to survive a horrible disease and never giving in. In the midst of fighting for her life, she is the most joyous little girl who lives in the moment. I am in love with her spirit. She is the reason that Ken and Patrick were brought together, and in turn the reason for their beautiful love.

This story will have you in tears. It’s a beautiful story of strength in the face of fear. There are two storylines, really. Hanna’s battle with cancer and her will to live is such a wonderful tale. The struggles and fears that Ken faces in order to keep his little girl happy and healthy all add to a storyline that is both poignant and powerful. The second storyline is a result of the first – the love story. Patrick and Ken probably never met if not for Hanna. The journey from friends to lovers is a gift in this case. It is full of angst and heartache, as well as joy and love.

I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that Andrew Grey has a way with relationships. Ken and Patrick are no exception. In fact, they are the perfect example. The trust built between the two throughout this story creates a strong bond that is able to withstand fears and insecurities. Communication between Patrick and Ken transcends words. They truly know each other inside and out. The bond is so strong that love sneaks up on them without them realizing it. And their love-making, while sweet, is so very intimate and beautiful. It’s an action of love before either man is aware that they are even in love.

There are not enough good things that I could say about this book. I laughed. I cried. I was frustrated. I was happy. I was beyond heartbroken at times. I experienced each emotion, each event alongside these characters. Andrew Grey has done it again with Love Comes Silently. I highly, highly recommend it.

Cover: A beautiful and perfect cover by L.C. Chase. The image of Ken and Patrick, and Hanna’s pink hat that brought them all together makes for a great cover.