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Seth Weston has had a difficult year. First, his sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and moved in with him. Then, his lover of five years left him. When his sister passed away a few months ago, Seth was left alone to take care of his six-year-old niece, Molly. To say he hasn’t had the easiest of years, is putting it lightly. What Seth didn’t expect was the small, long-haired, tattooed, hemp-pants wearing masseur with a toe ring to turn his world upside down. David Cooke was everything that Seth was never attracted to, but a one-hour massage with an unexpected happy ending helped to begin changing Seth’s mind. A few more chance meetings convinced Seth that David might be worth the chance.

However, Seth starts receiving strange phone calls from Molly’s biological father. After a spontaneous rendezvous behind a public restroom, pictures are delivered to Seth and he sees it as the threat it is. Trying to balance his new family bond with Molly and a fragile relationship with David is hard enough without these strange happenings, but with them the balance can be easily thrown off.

Men of Smithfield: Seth and David is the third installment in L.B. Gregg’s Men of Smithfield series that has been revised, re-edited, and re-published through Carina Press. It can be read as standalone as the plots of this series are not linked to one another, although characters from other stories do make cameos in this book. So far, Seth and David is my least favorite of the three. Not to say that I didn’t like it. I did. I just liked it a little less than the first two books.

Seth is one of my favorite characters in this series. His introduction in this story and to David was fabulous. The unexpected “happy ending” was priceless and had me trying to read through tears, I was laughing so hard. Seth is brash, disconnected, and hard at times. Basically, he’s an ass. He takes on a lot in his daily life, deals with a lot of personal and professional stress, and doesn’t know how to ask for help.  And if he did know how to, he probably still wouldn’t. Seth and Molly have been without his sister, Nikki, for a couple of months and they’re still trying to find their footing with each other. David is Seth’s complete opposite. He is laid back, jovial, easy to talk to, and kid-friendly. He’s exactly what Seth needs in his life. David is Seth’s balance, his calm place.

I had to think a lot about the relationship between Seth and David because it seems to be a relationship based solely on sex, but then I realized that from beginning to end the book lasted a week, maybe eight or nine days. The connection between Seth and David was there. They were obviously attracted to each other. They had children in common – Seth as Molly’s uncle and David taking care of Katie and eight brothers and sisters. They tried to date, but things kept interrupting. They didn’t really have time to get to know each other. But then again I say it was only a week. This story was a great start to their relationship, and thankfully it was not an insta-love story. If the story would have ended without an epilogue, I probably would have been disappointed. But thank goodness for the epilogue and the glimpse into Seth and David’s future.

The addition of Molly and Katie to this story was a welcomed change from the previous two books in this series. The subject of families and the different views on families was a wonderful part of this book. I loved Molly and Katie’s little personalities. I wish we could have seen more of them in this story, gotten to know them better.

The opening few scenes and last few chapters and epilogue were great, but the rest of the story read a little slow. Again, it was a good story, but slower paced than I’m used to from this series. I can’t say that I was bored or disinterested, I just felt like there were parts to this story that dragged on.

Seth and David is definitely worth the read. It is another great opposites attract, adorable love story from this author. With great characters and a sweet family focus along with a little bit of mystery, this story was very entertaining.

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