Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

New Orleans private investigator Jon Fox has a complicated past full of family secrets.  A mother who has lost her mind, a father who killed himself, a huge family fortune, and an albino alligator who lives in the swamp behind his rundown family plantation.  After pulling himself back together from some troubled years of drinking and bad behavior, not much can suprise Fox.  Yet even he is unprepared for the twists and turns his life will take on his newest case.

Jon has been watching gorgeous Tucker Wilder, a screenwriter who is somehow connected to the mysterious older woman who came into Jon’s office asking for advice on killing a man.  Jon finds himself somewhat obsessed with Tucker despite himself, and when Tucker ends up in hot water, Jon can’t help but rush in to save him. Soon the men find that themselves on the run for their lives as threats come from all sides and secrets come unburied that reveal more intrigue and villainy than either thought possible.  As they continue to investigate the case, it becomes more and more complicated and it is never clear just whom can be trusted.  Although sparks are flying between the men, the danger, not to mention the secrets and lies, may be too much for them to overcome.

Wow, this book is a wild and crazy ride!  It starts of fast and just continues racing along, taking twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the story.  Things start off a bit complex, and it took me a bit to get a handle on all the characters and the relationships, but soon things are barreling along as more details are uncovered and more secrets revealed.  This story was truly unique, combining a complex thriller with just the right bit of crazy to fit evoke the New Orleans flavor.

This story is probably not your typical romance, although there is clearly amazing chemistry between Jon and Tucker. Both stubborn and strong willed, sarcastic and occasionally surly, these men are a challenge for one another.  And yet they work so well together.  Jon is the more seasoned of the two, more familiar with the streets and the seedy underbelly from his job as a private detective. Not to mention a painful past that has hardened him, keeping his heart closed off while he enjoys a string of sex buddies throughout the city.  Tucker is a pretty tough guy as well, but much more naive.  Tucker is more of a dreamer; he is a writer and more fanciful, not quite in touch with the same reality as Jon.  When Tucker’s life is suddenly thrown off course, he alternates between terrified and determined, managing to pull himself together and face the chaos his life has become. Both men have troubled pasts full of neglectful families and they really understand one another.  I liked these guys together and they had great heat and chemistry.  At the same time I appreciated that they didn’t fall into a magical relationship in the midst of running for their lives.  This story is the first of a new series, so I can assume there will be more to come for this pair, but all is not resolved neatly in a bow at the end of this book, which I think works just fine.

The book is also full of fascinating secondary characters, and we get a great number of interesting folks.  I loved Virgil, the cantankerous family friend who lives with Jon and helps care for his mother.   We also meet Jon’s mother Savannah, who has mostly lost her mind, living in the memories of the past.  Not to mention Jon’s uncle Mason, Tucker’s cousin and aunt, and a host of others.  As the story unfolds, we are never sure where these folks all stand, what secrets they hold, and how they all interconnect.  While one villain jumped out at me fairly early on, others kept me guessing throughout story and I could never have begun to predict how everything would unfold.

Knight and Day do a wonderful job making this story live and breathe the setting.  It takes place in and around New Orleans and the characters feel so rooted in this area.  Anyone who has been to the city will recognize the locations the men visit, not to mention the general vibe of life there.  I thought this was quite well done and takes the book from generic thriller to something with rich detail and life.

So I really enjoyed this one. There is definitely a hint of crazy in all of this. The story flies by and at times I felt like I was just barely hanging on. But it was fast-paced and exciting and kept me furiously reading to find out what was going to happen and who was behind it all.  I really enjoyed this one and if you are looking for an exciting mystery with a thrilling plot, this is definitely worth reading.  I definitely can’t wait for the next installment.