Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Blue is a thief, working high end jobs for wealthy clients looking to acquire expensive goods.  He is incredibly skilled at picking locks, disarming alarms, and breaking and entering.  On one of his jobs, Blue meets Mick, a mercenary who is working protection detail.  Blue and Mick have an instant attraction, though neither will quite admit it.  Their power struggle turns into a bet — if Mick can catch Blue while he is stealing, Blue owes him a night tied up in bed. But once Mick wins, he doesn’t follow through on the bet, leaving Blue embarrased and determined to have nothing to do with the man again.

Now one year later, Blue finds himself accidentally caught up in the middle of one of Mick’s jobs. When Blue’s life is threatened, Mick is the one to save him, hiding him away from the guys who now want Blue dead. Being in such close quarters forces the men to finally admit their feelings for one another, feelings they have both had a long time but were determined to keep secret. Both men are afraid of trusting someone and opening themselves up, knowing the potential is there to fall hard for one another.  Yet they soon share their feelings and realize that there could be something meaningful and serious between them, despite their differences and their jobs.  And when the tables are turned and Mick finds himself in danger this time, Blue is determined to be there for the man he loves.

Oh, I really liked this one. Exciting, interesting, and oh so sexy!  So first off, I loved these two guys, especially Blue. He is a really interesting character.  Blue loves stealing, and he is totally unashamed about it. He is an adrenaline junky and loves the high that comes from pulling off a heist or escaping from a dangerous situation.  So stealing gives him that inner thrill that drives him and keeps him satisfied.  Blue has no intention of giving up his lifestyle, something that he is clear about from the beginning.  But he is also sweet and caring with those he loves, and a good person down there under his lawlessness.  I just loved him and found him lots of fun, especially when his tormenting poor Mick.

While Blue is a loner, Mick works as part of a larger organization.  He is still on the fringes of the law, but he is used to working with others and following rules a bit more than Blue.  I loved watching Blue make Mick a bit crazy, breaking into his computers, disarming his security system, and generally making Mick lose his cool despite his best intentions.  They are a fun couple with some playfulness in there.  And once they are together, these guys are incredibly committed to one another, determined to take care of each other no matter what.

And as I mentioned earlier, these guys are super hot together.  Early on Blue ends up getting drugged by a super strong date rape drug that makes him uncontrollably aroused to the point of a near frenzy.  And we follow along as Mick is there to help him through it in a hands-on kind of way.  As I said, Blue is sort of an adrenaline junkie, and that carries over to his sex life.  He wants to lose himself in the intensity, the pain, the excitement.  He wants his sex rough and dirty and has never before found someone who can give him that thrill. But Mick is the perfect match for him and these guys are incredibly hot and sexy, with a bit of a BDSM element to their relationship (a little bondage and mild spanking).

The story nicely mixes relationship development with the suspense plot of the job gone wrong.  Even after rescuing Blue, Mick is determined to continue with his undercover case working to keep the date rape drugs off the street.  And Blue has some dangerous clients who are not happy that he is out of commission following the drugging and unable to complete the job he promised.  So along with watching the men fall for one another, we also get a nice suspense story with bad guys, explosions, and life and death situations.  Jakes does a nice job of combining both the romance and the suspense into the book and integrating the story well.

So I really enjoyed this one and would definitely recommend it. It is fun, exciting, and sexy with really interesting characters.  Definitely recommended.

P.S. One of the side characters in this story, Mick’s friend Prophet, will star in his own spin-off series coming early next year.  So if you enjoyed him here as I did, there will be more of him to come soon.

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