Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Declan Morgan was only out taking a well needed run in his wolf form when he witnessed the Alpha of the Cairns pack and his Betas murder a pack member. Running for his life, Declan’s only worry is how to keep his brother safe. After near twenty-four hours of running and putting miles between him and his pack, Declan finds himself in Atherton and near the most alluring scent. Following the scent to a house, Declan shifts back to his human form and spots a beautiful man in one of the windows.

Liam Anderson, Beta to the Panneath Alpha of all of Australia, is able to actually see the bonds of mates, and because of that he’s been able to help a lot of people find their mates. His life is good. He has a great pack, wonderful friends, a loving family, and his dream job. The only thing missing is his mate. Imagine his surprise when he spots his mate standing naked, outside his kitchen window, shivering in the cold.

Liam knows that Declan is running from something or someone, he just doesn’t know what or who. Why else would he need to shift and run, leaving behind his clothes and belongings? Physically taking care of Declan is easier than soothing his emotional stress. For Declan, leaving his brother, the only family he has left, in a pack with a homicidal Alpha takes a toll on him.

When the Panneath Alpha gets involved, a plan is formed to replace the Cairns’ Alpha, althought it will take a little bit of time. But the more time it takes, the more danger Declan’s brother could be in.

Liam is the first book in The Atherton Pack series. It is also set in the same world as Griffin’s Holland Brothers series. Liam was actually introduced in Forbidden Mate, the fourth book in that series.

I liked this book. It was a little predictable, and maybe I feel that way because I read this author’s previous shifter series, but I liked it nonetheless. It’s a sweet paranormal tale of fated mates, first and foremost, meeting at the most opportune time and falling in love. It is a feel good story – a story I would choose to read after a long bout with an angsty book.

Liam and Declan are your average shifter characters. Liam is the more dominant of the two. He’s protective of his mate and the more possessive partner. Declan is the weaker, more subtle partner. He’s more nurturing than protective. He has suffered a lot of loss in his life and has taken care of his younger brother, Tommy, for years. His brother is a big part of his life and heart, and Liam is able to accept that and cares for Tommy simply because Declan does.

On another note, there were several secondary characters introduced that I look forward to seeing in the future. Ben, the Panneath Alpha, was also introduced in the fourth book of the Holland Brothers series. He doesn’t seem to be the typical alpha that you find in other shifter stories. He’s more laid back, more accepting, and he cares a great deal for his friends. I’m hoping his story is next; at least the end of this book gave me hope that it may be next. Liam’s friends and pack mates – Corey, Sam, Brad, and Kieran – are hilarious. I am anticipating a lot of mischief in the future from those four.

The storyline is a typical romance with insta-love added in. There’s not a lot of originality compared with the previous series. I was hoping for something new. Yes, it is a completely different plot than the others, but still somewhat predictable, as I said earlier.

All in all, it is a charming story of love and support with an introduction of new characters and a new pack dynamic. I’m looking forward to reading more in the future.

Cover: I do love this cover by Reese Dante. Both Liam and the tattoo are beautiful. It’s a great cover. Well done.

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