Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

When Phoenix-native Chris decided to spend his Christmas with his best friend, Martin, in cold and snowy Wisconsin, neither man anticipated Martin being called away due to the death of a family member. Stuck in a freezing winter wonderland…in the middle of a blizzard…with no electricity, Chris is surprised, and a little relieved, when Martin’s neighbor, Horace, shows up to check on him.

Circumstances beyond their control lead to a night of passion and lust for Chris and Horace, but afterwards Horace can’t seem to run from Chris fast enough, leaving Chris feeling bereft and used. When Horace returns with an explanation, Chris knows he should end things, but finds it hard to walk away. As they spend more and more time together and feelings become stronger, Chris is confused and not  sure if the connection between them is due to their proximity because of their circumstances or if the feelings he has for Horace are true.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere and with his departure looming in the days to come, Chris has to come to a decision – go home and continue his life like normal or stay and begin a relationship with a man he just met.

Snowbound in Nowhere is a heartwarming tale of facing fears and learning to trust one’s self. It’s a lot of story and the development of a new relationship in such a little time, but as always Andrew Grey makes it believable and beautiful.

The characters are easily likable and relatable. Chris is the more hesitant and level-headed of the two – not simply diving into a relationship that looks to be a sure thing, but taking his time and thinking things through. The story is written in the third person POV of Chris, so what readers see of Horace’s personality is how Chris views him, but I simply adore Horace. He’s so vulnerable and open, almost naïve, but not quite. He’s a sweet, endearing character.

The story takes place in a short period of time. The development of the relationship happens fast. It’s not an instant love type of story. It is a story of instant connection, but it doesn’t come without problems. Grey creates a realistic bond between Chris and Horace, complete with misunderstandings and fears to overcome.

The world building in this novella is wonderful. The description of the frozen world, the snow, the cold, the wind, and the blizzard made me a little cold reading it, but also helped create a magical picture of Chris and Horace’s world.

Other than wishing the story were longer, my only problem comes with the mention of a past failed relationship of Chris’. There wasn’t much of an explanation about what happened to Chris in his previous relationship and how he came to mistrust his connection with Horace. Like I said, it was very briefly mentioned, but I would have liked more history there.

Snowbound in Nowhere is a sweet beginning to a promising relationship, a heartfelt holiday romance. I recommend it to those who like sweet love stories, instant connections, and holiday romances.

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