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Songs of the Earth picks up exactly where Twin Flames left off. After discovering that he is of a royal line that was considered long dead, witnessing his lover shot and almost die, and adding several members to his pack of two, all Tristan Janick wanted was to get away and have some time for himself, but that was not meant to be. Being met at the river by not one, but two Shirdals (gryphons in Greek mythology) and the Goddess Ki, only adds to his horrible day.

The Goddess Ki reveals that Tristan’s identity was hidden from her by a binding spell. She is the tutelary of the Lycan royal line – preparing kings to be just and fair rulers and teaching them how to use their magic by singing the songs of the Earth. Upon the arrival of his lover Ushna to the river, Ki discovers there’s also a ward that was placed on Tristan by another God, and when Ki attempts to search for it, she inadvertently injures Tristan, almost killing him. With his trust in Ki damaged, Tristan sets out, without the help of the goddess, to discover the truth of why his lineage has been kept a secret even from him.

Tristan uncovers secrets and lies that have been kept for centuries. He discovers the likelihood of a traitor amongst the Council of Elders, learns a group of assassins who have been trying to end the royal line for centuries may show up at any time, and when The Weaver of the Web of Life, Uttu, tells him a story of the gods, Tristan realizes that not only does he have to deal with assassins but there is probably a god out to see him dead as well.

Tristan feels like bad news lurks around every corner. The one good thing in his life is Ushna, who loves him, stands by him, and protects him no matter what. But even their seemingly unbreakable bond becomes strained due to an intervention and more lies from the gods. When an old enemy, thought to be dead, shows up Tristan will do anything in order to keep his lover, his friends, and his family safe.

Songs of the Earth is the second installment of the Sumeria’s Sons series by Lexi Ander, and I must say Ander is showing herself to be a wonderful storyteller.

Tristan’s progression from average warrior to strong alpha and king of the Lycans continues. He takes a few emotional and physical hits in this story, but gains knowledge, strength, and determination from them. Ushna proves to be the perfect partner, consort, and mate for Tristan. He’s protective (sometimes overly), understanding, and has an almost saint-like patience, but he’s no pushover. He’s Tristan’s equal and also his rock. Ushna proves to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to protecting Tristan.

Their relationship continues to bolster and grow while experiencing several speed bumps along the way. Continuing the royal family line is a subject that comes into play in this story and, with only a little difficulty, it serves to strengthen the bond between the two. And while I find male pregnancy a strange concept, I’m enjoying Tristan’s mood swings only if to imagine what a man would actually go through if he were actually pregnant.

With the advancement of the story come several new twists and turns. The lies and secrets all serve to increase an ongoing mystery that now involves a secret group of assassins, rogue Magi, traitor Elders, and a dark plot involving a god, who remains a mystery. This storyline is fast-paced and exciting and so very entertaining. I remain impressed with the originality. To a rather common trope (which happens to be my favorite), this author brings a new and refreshing twist.

The world-building continues to progress as well. Ander describes it in such a beautiful and poetic manner that I became engrossed within it. The new additions to the magical aspect of the world are creative and fresh. The history of the Lycans and the gods is also expanded upon throughout the story.

Thankfully, the end of this book is not quite the stressful cliffhanger of the first book. There are still questions that are left open-ended at the close of the story, and I am dying to know the answers and to see how everything plays out.

In the end, this new author is consistent in bringing readers an original, imaginative story with her wonderful and fresh storytelling. The story is captivating and enthralling. The characters are gripping. I highly recommend Songs of the Earth by Lexi Ander. If you haven’t read the Sumeria’s Sons series, I recommend that you start from the beginning with Twin Flames.

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