Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Wilson Curtis had planned to spend two weeks in sunny, gay-friendly Key West, Florida with his closeted boyfriend, Rob. But after being outed in his very conservative, southern hometown, Wil found himself alone on a vacation for two, dumped by Rob, and on the verge of losing the restaurant he built from the ground up. Surrounded by happy couples and beautiful scenery, Wil is determined to make the best of his vacation before returning to the disaster of a life he left behind.

Meeting Adam and Simon distracts Wil from his problems. Adam is fun and flirty. Simon is reserved and quiet. When the couple invites Wil into their bed, he immediately jumps at the offer, and after an amazing night the offer extends to the remainder of his vacation. Spending time with Adam and Simon and getting to know them puts Wil’s life into perspective. He’s lived his entire life in the closet and being with them feels like a freedom he’s never experienced. Never before has he felt as cared for even though he was with his ex for two years.

But spending time with the couple grows harder as Wil knows eventually he will have to say goodbye and go home. As their time comes to a close, Wil, Simon, and Adam are forced to either face their growing feelings for one another, misunderstandings, and other people’s perception of their relationship. And Wil has to figure out if going back to the mess he left behind is worth losing Simon and Adam.

Three’s Company is the third book I’ve read of N.R. Walker’s works, and I am glad to have discovered them. Walker’s characters are consistently likable and the storylines are always full of energy and life. I have yet to be disappointed, and this story is no different.

Wil is turning a corner in his life, although he doesn’t realize it at first. He was forced out of a closet that he had lived in by necessity, and once out of that closet, he was stuck at an impasse. He is from an ultra-conservative, homophobic town. His business is failing because the town doesn’t approve of his being gay. He’s lost friends and has no family. But he is strong. He got a taste of life outside of the closet, and he doesn’t want to go back. In meeting Adam and Simon, watching them together, Wil found himself. The progression of his character – from dejected, rejected, and betrayed to confident, supportive, and loving – is lovely.

Adam and Simon are polar opposites of one another. Adam is somewhat spastic, easily excitable, and energetic. He is the happiness and warmth in the threesome. Simon is stoic, strong, and supportive. He’s the rock, the strength of their relationship. The form a strong bond that is increased with the addition of Wil.

I find a lot of ménage stories a little overdone, but I really like this one. The relationship between Wil, Simon, and Adam was all inclusive and lacked the jealousy that I would have expected. The fact that they are three different people with completely different personalities helped. They complement each other well. The story wasn’t over exaggerated and all about sex. Their relationship started as sex, yes, but it became more. They spend time getting to know each other. They have struggles, miscommunications, and misunderstandings. The relationship isn’t perfect, especially in the beginning, but it works.

The story is told from Wil’s first person perspective, and for him it’s a story of self-discovery and strength. A story of finding out who he really is, who he wants to be, where he wants to be, and who he wants to be with. It is a story full of emotion. The character/reader connection was strong for me. When Wil was confused and suffering heartbreak, I felt it right along with him. The story even has a little bit of a corporate world drama in it to add some variety to the romance.

My only quibble is with the reappearance of Rob at the end. I felt like it was unnecessary. Wil had already moved on and was happy, and out of nowhere his ex-boyfriend shows up wanting him back. It just felt forced and uncomfortable.

All in all, I really enjoyed Three’s Company. It is a sweet story of new beginnings. The characters are fun, the storyline seductive, and the content interesting. As with all of Walker’s books so far, I’m looking forward to reading whatever comes next.

Cover: A simple, beautiful cover by Reese Dante of the threesome on the beach. I really like this cover.