Rating: 5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Sam and Beau are both still dealing with the aftermath of Sam’s brain injury during a bull ride. Beau is still so scared that he almost lost the man he loves that he has been treating Sam as though he were made of glass, something he never would have done when Sam was healthy.  Sam too is trying to deal with his brain injuries, his communication problems as the words he wants to say aren’t the words that comes out of his mouth, and on top of that, Beau is acting like he is going to break apart at any second. And Sam has had enough. Six months into his rehab, and Sam is ready for a trip back to normal, and that includes their more than healthy sex life.

How do I love these Roughstock stories and their cowboys? Let me count the ways. First comes their authenticity. When the words roll out of their mouths, it is never less than perfect. Tortuga has the finest ear I know of for regional slang and sentence structure so when her cowboys talk, I know that is what the cowboys sound like from their accents to the word choices. Just perfection in every way. Secondly, especially when it comes to her long established couples like Sam and Beau, the reader gets that they have been together for a while, its there is the way they move about each other, the touches they pass back and forth, and the “knowing” of each other that Tortuga has built into her story. It’s as effortless as watching any long-term couple you know relate to each other, small gestures, non verbal communication, it’s all there.

I have followed this pair from the beginning through the shock and pain of Sam’s accident in the ring, so each new glimpse into their post accident life is a treasure for me. Here we find them six months after the bull stomped on Sam’s skull, and they are dealing with the changes in their lives the best way they know how. Everything they do and feel comes across so real, that when Beau runs his hand gently over the scarred skin of Sam’s head and feels the divot where part of his skull had to be removed, we feel his pain and sadness just as acutely as he does. And when finally Sam gets Beau to “hunt his ass in the dark” like they used too, well let’s just say we are grinning and whooping with them too.

This is a short story that never feels like one. Instead it feels a little like visiting old friends, you know, just stopping by for a drink and talk. It’s comfortable, it’s heartwarming, and most of all, it feels like coming home. Tortuga continues to give us characters that breath, bleed, and leap off the pages and into our hearts. Don’t miss a single installment!

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