Hello everyone! I am so super incredibly excited to tell you guys officially that our next theme week here at Joyfully Jay will be JOCK WEEK! We will feature books on all kinds of athletes — professional, collegiate, high school, former athletes, coaches, and maybe even some weekend warriors who just like to get out there and work up a sweat.  My goal is to include a wide variety of sports and a range of different stories.  I love a good athlete hero and I hope you do too.

Jock Week will run from February 24 – March 2.  I know that seems like a long way away but we have a lot of planning and reading to do and these theme weeks take a lot of time to organize.

So, where do we start?  Well, as usual I need your help.


As with our past theme weeks, I would once again like to hear your suggestions for books to review. Ideally we’d like a mix of sports, as well as both older and newly released books.  So readers, if you have a favorite you’d like to suggest or something upcoming that intrigues you, I definitely want to hear about it. And authors and publishers, if you have a book that fits in with our theme that is either already published or will be available in time for review for Jock Week, please let me know.  We obviously won’t be able to manage reviews for everything, but as long as it features athletes and we haven’t already reviewed it here, we’ll definitely give it consideration. I am hoping to at least get the basics of our review list down in the next week or two because we tend to amp up the reviews during theme weeks and we need some extra reading time. So if you have suggestions, please share them soon.


Once again I would love to do a nice juicy giveaway to go along with our theme week.  Everyone was so incredibly generous for Young Love Week and our giveaway was just spectacular.  So again, authors and publishers, if you have books that fit with the Jock Week theme that you would like to donate for the giveaway, I would love to have them.  No limits on this one — we can accept books we have reviewed already as well as those we haven’t.  I greatly appreciate all your generosity and I know the readers do too.

In case you haven’t seen how these work, the giveaway post will feature a book title, author, cover image, and full book blurb, as well as listing who made the donation.  You can check out the Young Love Week giveaway post for an example.  And I promise I have a better plan this time for distributing the winning books to speed things up a bit.

Guest Posts

I am also looking for a few folks who are interested in writing a guest post to feature during Jock Week.  Maybe you are a reader who is a super sports fan and want to talk about your love of the game? Or how much you enjoy football pants?  Or an author who is majorly into sports and loves to include them in your books? I am open to any ideas that connect with our theme and would love to includes some guest posters during this week. Don’t be shy!

So yep, this should be totally awesome and I am really excited. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas and appreciate all your generosity.

P.S. If you are not familiar with our theme weeks, we basically spend a week focused on one particular trope or theme.  All the books we review include this theme, as well as themed guest posts and giveaways.  In the past we have held Young Love Week, Rock Star Week, Virgin Hero Week, and Spectacular Series Week.