Hi guys! I can’t believe we are just a month away from Jock Week! We have been working like crazy here to get all our preparations in place.

First, we have pretty much finalized our list of books for review. We have about 20 books on our “to review” list, featuring all kinds of athletes in a variety of sports.

We also have four fabulous authors lined up to write guest posts for us on various aspects of sports and writing about athletes. I am so excited we will be featuring Katey Hawthorne, Anne Tenino, Keira Andrews, and Kate McMurray.

I have also been gathering up donations for our super Jock Week Giveaway! So far I have had 18 authors and publishers donate books for the giveaway.  Everyone has been very generous and we have some great prizes lined up.

So what are we sill working on? Well, I am still gathering donations for prizes for the giveaway. If you are an author or publisher with books about any aspect of sports, we’d love to have them!  They can feature current/retired athlethes, HS/College/Pro sports, coaches, or even weekend warriors if sports are a big part of the book.  We are also thrilled to accept store credits from publishers as well.  Or anything else fun you want to give. So if you want to make a donation, please send me an email.

Second, I would still love to get a guest post from one or more of our blog readers.  I am open to any ideas – favorite sports, why you like jock books, what sports have the hottest uniforms… If you can think it up, I’ll consider it! Don’t be shy!

So I am super excited and can’t wait to kick things off at the end of next month!

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