Rating: 5 stars
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Length: Novel

When Aiden Daly agreed to house-sit for Peter, his goal was to spend some quiet time away from his brother, Evan, and Evan’s boyfriend, Joel. He didn’t expect to be stuck in a house with a talkative, nosy, flirtatious, bossy, irritating version of his first crush. Marco Fortunato de Luca was surely put on this earth to annoy Aiden into an early grave.

Aiden’s life is far from perfect, but he’s managing. After his father’s suicide five years ago, Aiden has done everything in his ability to make sure that his mother and brother want for nothing. He’s been keeping his father’s darkest secrets so that he mother and brother don’t end up hurt because of it.

Not only does Aiden have is father’s secrets to keep, but he’s suffering from a secret of his own. His birth father is searching for him, and where he once would have immediately jumped at the opportunity, now he’s afraid of disappointing his family. He’s also a little angry and confused as to why he was even put up for adoption if he had a father to begin with.

After Aiden has a panic attack in front of Marco, things begin to change. Walls start fall down between them and Marco is the only one there to comfort him. Seeing Marco for who he truly is, instead of the annoying housemate Aiden always thought him to be, begins to change Aiden’s view of the beautiful Italian. Attraction burns deeply between the two, and Aiden is happy to finally have someone to lean on for once.

Once Aiden starts opening up to Marco, secrets begin pouring out – first small things, but eventually everything. Marco is nothing if not understanding and supportive to Aiden. And eventually Marco helps Aiden realize that he doesn’t have to hold the whole world on his shoulders, but first he has to learn to trust the people around him that love him.

Aiden’s Luck is the third book in Con Riley’s Seattle Stories series, but can be read as a standalone novel. I adored After Ben. I liked Saving Sean. But I absolutely, hands down love Aiden’s Luck. It is my favorite novel in this series so far.

I’ve been waiting for Aiden’s story since After Ben. I’ve also been hoping to read Marco’s story for that long, too. I love that their stories met and they fell in love. In the beginning, Aiden is unhappy, stubborn, angry, and downright mean even though he doesn’t realize it. His sense of family and sense of loyalty are strong, and are the most important things in his life until he meets Marco. He’s given up everything for his family and asked nothing in return. But Marco brings Aiden back to life. Gives hope where hope was once lost. Aiden gains strength with the love and support of Marco.

The story is written in Aiden’s third person POV, so we see Marco through Aiden’s eyes. I absolutely adore Marco. If he were an actual person, I would have to get to know him. He’s full of a love of life and family. He is energetic and fun. He is caring and understanding. And most of all, he is so very loving and supportive. He’s not so pushy and bossy, as he is encouraging and sympathetic. He’s such a beautiful, lovable, amazing character, and the perfect stability to Aiden’s out of control life.

The storyline is full of heartache and pain, confusion and frustration, but it’s also full of love, good intentions, and hope. It’s a tale of mistakes and resolutions. It’s a tale of hurts and healing. It’s a story of forgiveness and acceptance. There’s something for everyone in this story – enemies to lovers, family healing, coming out. It’s so beautifully written. I laughed and I cried, but most of all, I loved. I absolutely love this story, these characters.

This world that Riley began creating in After Ben continues to grow as the series progresses. New characters continue to turn up and old characters continue to hang around. New dynamics are introduced into this story through some of the new characters, and I’m looking forward to reading their stories in the future.

Like I said in the beginning, this is my favorite novel in this series to date. It’s a beautifully written story of hope and healing. If you have read the first two books, you must read Aiden’s Luck. If you haven’t read either, I recommend you start with Aiden’s Luck (simply because it’s my favorite), then read the others. If you only want to read Aiden’s Luck then only read Aiden’s Luck. But definitely read this book.