Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Short story

For the past six months, Jared has worked as a rent boy at the high-end London club, Market Garden.  He likes his job but things are slow as it nears the holidays and he could definitely use well-paying client to help cover his bills. But as long as there is some down time, he is appreciating getting to spend time with Tristan, another worker at the club and one that Jared has been fantasizing about for months.  Tristan is sexy and gorgeous and in high demand and Jared can understand why.  When a wealthy client comes along offering a lot of money to watch the two of them together, Jared can’t believe his luck.  Not just a well-paying job, but a chance to have hot sex with the guy he has been dreaming about.  So Jared follows Tristan’s lead and ends up with not only a lot of money in his pocket, but a scorching hot night he will remember for a long time to come.

Whew, you guys, this was a hot one!  Not only are we in Jared’s head as he has hot sex with his fantasy man, but these guys are scorching together.  We watch as the anticipation builds to incredible levels as Tristan works the john for more money for more action, prolonging the moment when Jared can get the release he is craving.  It is hot and dirty and really sexy.

I liked that for a short story, especially one focused primarily on sex, that we do get a nice feel for these guys.  There is not a lot of time for learning a lot about them, but I enjoyed seeing Tristan exerting control over both the john and Jared, and then losing it that little bit as he too succumbs to the experience.  And Jared’s horny exasperation was amusing.  The authors manage to write basically a giant sex scene while still giving us some character development.

So yeah, if you all like hot, sexy, and a little smutty, you definitely want to read this one.  Great story.  And now I will be fanning myself in the corner.

Cover: Oh, I like that cover. At first I thought it was a jacket, but considering the guys are both wearing leather pants, I am going with that instead. Very sexy