Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Diego Hernandez has been in love with his best friend and roommate, Beck Zell, since they met in college. He’s finally made up his mind to tell Beck how he feels. And it’s better than he ever thought it could be. Beck is everything that Diego always hoped for and more. After one amazing, hot, kinky night with Beck, Diego is certain that there will be no going back.

But when morning comes, secrets threaten to tear the new lovers apart. First, a mysterious package is left with the morning paper for Beck. Next, strange clone-looking men accost Beck in the stairwell of their apartment building. Then, Diego finds himself on the run from thugs with Beck by his side. Suddenly, Diego ends up in the middle of a world he didn’t know existed – non-humans, werewolves, shifters, witches, and more. Things of fairytales and nightmares. But there’s more.

The man he’s trusted and loved for years, Beck, is in the middle of all of this insanity. His best friend and the love of Diego’s life has been keeping secrets and lying by omission for years, maybe even since they’ve known each other. He works for group called I.O.N. (International Organization for Non-humans), policing a paranormal world that most don’t know exists.

When an offer is presented to Diego to join the I.O.N. team, Diego must decide whether the secrets that have been kept from him outweigh the ones he’s still keeping from Beck. But when the past shows up to haunt Diego, all bets are off.

Ruby Red Booty Shorts & a Louisville Slugger is the first in Lexi Ander’s new I.O.N. series.

I know what you’re thinking. I thought the same thing. What is with that title? It’s one of the oddest titles. And honestly, I don’t know. Yes, there is a pair of ruby red lacy booty shorts in the story. And the Louisville Slugger makes a couple of appearances, but the story is not about either. It could have used a different title, but luckily that doesn’t really detract from the story.

It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of this up and coming author. She brings a fresh, new twist to the paranormal world. Her characters are engaging. Her storylines are captivating. And her worlds are detailed and imaginative. This story is no different.

This world that Ander has created is exciting. From the moment that Diego’s world turns into what he thought was myth, the reader is sucked right in. It’s a secret world of paranormals and the humans and non-humans that police them.  The people that run it, the teams that work for I.O.N., the assignments – it has me wanting more.

Diego and Beck, outside of I.O.N., are such a wonderful couple. They fit so well. Kink. One of my favorite subjects. It’s where the ruby red booty shorts come in. I love that Diego is this big brute of a man, yet he has a hidden kink like lacy panties. It makes for a sexy twist in his character. He’s strong man with morals and values. He’s a great character that I can’t wait to read more of. The story is written in Diego’s third person POV, so we only see Beck through Diego’s eyes, but Beck is a wonderful character as well. Only looking out for Diego. Wanting what’s best for him. He’s tough and determined. I adore that they are two strong men who love one another. I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops.

This storyline will keep you enthralled from beginning to end. It’s fast paced and entertaining. The romance/relationship storyline is lovely and heartbreaking at the same time. The action storyline is heart pounding and thrilling.

My only complaint is with the Spanish, and seriously it’s only because I don’t remember enough of my high school Spanish lessons, other than the swear words (which were included in this story). But because of the phrases, I had to flip back and forth between the book and the glossary to understand what was being said. It was just a little frustrating, but in the end it was okay, because Diego is hilarious when he’s angry.

All in all, Ruby Red Booty Shorts & a Louisville Slugger is an exciting read with great characters, and action packed storyline, and a new and exciting world. Look past the title and you’ll find a great and inspired story. I highly recommend this first installment in the I.O.N. series and can’t wait for the next.


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